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Big Red One (1980)

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Corrected entry: The German, Schroeder, appears to wear no rank insignia. Yet he is seen giving orders to other German soldiers, including those who are NCOs.

Correction: This could be a military tactic by the Germans. Given the close fighting situation, perhaps the Germans had a plan to have their highest ranking officer with no visible rank or insignia. This would protect the high officer from the enemy. This is also along the lines of why you're never supposed to salute a superior officer in close combat.

Damian Torres

Corrected entry: During the scene where the squad has to eliminate the sp gun in the Italian village, if you look closely at the sp gun when it rolls its barrel out the window and fires, the smoke from the gun discharging comes from the window, not from the barrel of the gun.


Correction: It wasn't smoke coming from the window, It was dust and debris raised by the concussion from the sp gun, a very good effect.

Corrected entry: Lee Marvin rescues a young boy at a Concentration Camp, brings him to a bunk room and gives him a drink. During this scene his helmet had netting on the outside. He leaves the room with the boy and the netting is no longer on the helmet.

Correction: When he's at the river with the boy, he has the netting in his hands so he took it off himself, it didn't dissappear.

Continuity mistake: At the concentration camp, Mark Hamill opens an incinerator door, several doors along the row, and repeatedly shoots the German hiding inside. As we are looking out from inside the incinerator Lee Marvin appears behind him and says "I think you got him". The shot changes to a wide view outside but they are now looking in a different door - one of the first ones in the row.

Oliver Hunter

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Kaiser: Did I kill the guy that killed me?
The Sergeant: Yes.

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