Big Red One

Big Red One (1980)


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Griff: Hey did you ever figure out what those palm trees are doing way over here in Belgium?
Zab: Yeah, that monk had a yen for 'em.

Kaiser: Did I kill the guy that killed me?
The Sergeant: Yes.

The Sergeant: You're going to live, even if I have to blow your brains out.

The Sergeant: Killing insane people is not good for public relations.
Griff: Killing sane people is okay?
The Sergeant: That's right.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scenes of the film, Lee Marvin's character is speaking with an officer, who is shaving, in an underground bunker. As the scene switches from close-ups of the officer to pulled back shots, the shaving cream on the officer's upper lip appears and disappears.

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