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Corrected entry: After Leaven, Worth and Kazan enter the last room, they shut the door from which they entered. Shortly before Leaven is stabbed by Quentin, there is no door-sound of Quentin entering the last room. (01:17:05 - 01:18:45)


Correction: If you listen closely, you can hear the door as Quentin enters - subtitles confirm it.

Corrected entry: The math sucks in a number of cases throughout the film. Worth (the designer of the cube) says the dimensions of the cube are 434 square feet (possibly meaning one side of the cube). That makes about 21 feet a side. So there would be exactly one room inside the cube since Leaven measures the room to be 14 feet wide. Still she figures out that there are 26x26x26 rooms. Also when Kazan is calculating the number of factors he tells a wrong answer more frequently than a right one. There are even even numbers he says are prime.

Correction: He doesn't say 434 square feet, he says 434 feet square i.e. 434 feet along each side. Allowing for the thickness of the walls of the individual cubes, this works out about right for a grid of 26 cubes on a side.

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Corrected entry: The blonde doctor said that 'they' took away all her jewellery; her bracelet and all her rings. But when she hangs outside the cube with the rope-of-clothes, she grabs the hand of the black policeman and we can clearly see a ring on her hand.

Correction: No, she is not wearing a ring at all. I even slowed it down and there is no ring.

Corrected entry: When Leaven finds out that there are 26x26x26 rooms, it's because at a certain point she thinks there's a fault in the numbers. She says "it's impossible to have a number higher than 26". Now how can that be true when throughout the rest of the movie they struggle with big numbers?

Correction: Leaven is deriving the room numbers from the larger numbers that are inscribed in the cubes. It's the room number that cannot be more than 26 (other than the 'bridge' room), not the actual numbers that they're finding.

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Corrected entry: With 17,576 rooms, it's nearly impossible to enter the same room twice while moving through the cube. Yet they find Rennes corpse, and end up in the room they started in. They were very lucky, or they knew where they were going.

Correction: It is possible to end up in the same room because the rooms move around within the cube.

Corrected entry: Leaven holds her glasses in her hands whenever she is moving from room to room. But when they are holding the shirts they made into a rope, she has a glasses holder around her neck to hold them. If she had it, then why didn't she use it before?


Correction: Because it's quicker to take them into your hand and put them back on your face without also fumbling with a holder.

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Corrected entry: After you enter a new room, the chamber doors automatically spin their handles and close shut. There is a scene near the end where the cop closes a chamber door himself while another character is talking. The director admits in the commentary that this is because that particular shot was done earlier in the filming before he decided they would close automatically.

Correction: Simply because they close automatically does not mean they can't be closed manually first. It is strange that he would do so, but it's not a movie mistake.

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Corrected entry: All the characters seem to have a purpose (math, leadership, escape artist, etc.) except for the character, Alderson(?), who dies in the very beginning. Why would those who run the cube bother to put someone who has either no skill or one we never came to know in a room where they would die immediately? The other characters seemed to have gotten a fair chance in that they didn't wake up in a booby trapped room. I don't believe even the cat burglar would have survived if he woke up in the same circumstances.

Correction: He was put in to die. By letting the others know how fatal the place could be, it would panic them even more, thus making it more fun and sadistic for the builders.

Soylent Purple

He was put in a white room like everyone else. He died in the room he went into not the room he started in. It was literally the only thing he did.

Corrected entry: About 33 minutes in Worth and Quentin have argument and Worth ends up screaming out "There is no way out of here". This leads to the revelation that he designed the shell around the cubes. Then when Leaven questions him he tells them about the door. Which means there is a way out that he knows of. So why did he scream that there wasn't?

Correction: While he knows that there is physically a way out, he also knows that the entire cube is essentially rigged to kill them, either directly or through their own actions. He simply doesn't believe that they have the remotest chance of getting to the exit, hence his statement.

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Corrected entry: It is assumed that everyone was in the cube for several hours. Quentin confirms this in the beginning by saying the guys have 5 o'clock shadow. However, at the end of the movie which occurs at least a day later, closeup shots of the men's faces show they are clean-shaven.

Correction: He only said that he, himself, had the growth. The other males' hair may not grow as fast.

Corrected entry: The Dice & Slice trap, which killed Alderson in the very beginning, would not work in reality. The grating has a rod below. Instead of dicing/slicing the victim, the grating's rod would bounce off his legs or feet.

Correction: I believe this is wrong. If you watch it again you will see that the rod is very low to the ground in comparison. If you watch, Alderson is knosked backwards slightly. This could be from the rod hitting his ankles, but the rest passing through and keeping him upright. It works in theory.

Corrected entry: Leaven says factorizing numbers to see if they're powers of a prime would be astronomical. Someone at the V.O.X. (CUBE message board of the official site) rightly mentioned that there are only 24 powers of a prime between 1 and 999, which are not prime numbers. Leaven is able to identify the latter and it would have been no real problem for the group to calculate the other 24 and remember them. It is not astronomical.

Correction: It may not be astronomical, but to Leaven it may seem to be at that point. As she says, she has been working for hours. She probably cannot think straight, and at the spur of the moment blurted it out. Don't forget that Quentin is always questioning Leaven and shouting at her, making it even harder for her to work. Another point is that Leaven is not supposed to work the powers out, beacuse this is the point when Kazan is introduced as a mathmatical genius.

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Revealing mistake: When they get Renn back into the room after he has been shot in the face with something acid-like, the smoke comes from behind his head. Not his face.

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Quentin: Start with us. We got an escape artist and a cop. There's gotta be a reason for that. You're a doctor, Holloway. That gives you a function, a reason, right?
Holloway: No! It just makes me go, "Why me and not one of the other ten million doctors out there?"

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Trivia: All the characters in the movie are named after famous prisons around the world - Holloway, Wren, Leavenworth, San Quentin, etc. The characters match the prison types too - Alderson never meets the group, and isolation is the major form of punishment at Alderson Prison in West Virginia. Dr. Holloway is a female doctor, and Holloway Prison is a women's prison in England, Kazan is autistic, and Kazan Prison is Russia is a "disorganized" prison, etc.

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Question: How did Quentin find others in the last scene? he was left unconscious and he had no way to figure out where others went after that (considering his lack of knowledge in mathematics) so how could he possibly make his way to the bridge room?

Answer: It's established that sound travels throughout the structure reasonably well. Also, they didn't travel relatively far, even with the rooms shifting.

Actually, considering the distance that they travelled and the injuries he sustained, Quentin would have had extreme difficulty catching up. It looks like the 3 travelled upwards at least 12 cubes, meaning Quentin would have had to climb up each one with the chance that any of the rooms could be trapped fast enough to catch up to them with enough strength left over to kill Leaven.

Adrenaline is an extremely driving force, so I'd still consider it entirely possible it happened that way.

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