The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Tick (Hugo Weaving) is disenchanted in Sydney when he receives a phone call from a woman (who is later revealed to be his wife whom he hadn't heard from in 6 years) asking him to do a show out of town. He asks Bernice (Terence Stamp), who's husband had just died, and Adam (Guy Pearce), who wants to fulfill a dream of climbing King's Canyon in drag, to go with them and help him in his show. While trying to figure out how to get to Alice Springs, Adam cons his rich mom into buying them a big bus, which he dubs "Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert." With the bus christened, the three of them head across the Outback and discover personal reflections and revelations, homophobia, new friends, and possibly a new outlook on life.

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