Lawrence of Arabia

Continuity mistake: The shadows in the scene with Lawrence sleeping on his camel are short because it's the middle of the day. In the next shot you see long shadows on the sand. When Ali wakes up Lawrence they are short again. (01:01:41)

Continuity mistake: Lawrence & his Arab revolt are supposedly travelling up the right flank of the Army (briefing scene with blackboard) where Harry is told to get with the arab cavalry, but it's the guns that matter, which are supposed to pound the turkish centre. In the later scene where the Arab revolt is pursuing their journey up the right flank into the night, they see gun flashes in the distance and Lawrence says god help them.... he is looking over his right shoulder as he is riding, to look at the barrage. It should be his left shoulder as they are travelling with the turkish centre to their left.

Continuity mistake: When the Arabs bomb the first Turkish train, the entire train derails, with every car toppling over sideways. But in the subsequent scenes, the cars are all upright and on the track.

Continuity mistake: During the scene at the well, after Tafas is shot and pronounced dead, the actor can be seen breathing, with their chest moving up and down.

Factual error: In the foreground of the Aqaba raid scene, Turks are using a Browning M1919 machine gun, which wasn't yet designed and certainly would not be available to the Turkish Army.

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Trivia: There is not a single speaking role for a woman in the entire film.

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