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Revealing mistake: When David Bowie throws a crystal ball into the corridor it is the start of the cleaner scene. The frontdrill of the cleaner appears in the distance. This is animated as it rotates fast. Once the actual device is visible the drill rotates in fact fairly slowly. (00:34:25)

Revealing mistake: When the girl starts walking along the labyrinth check a V shaped tree on the right. She's always walking that very same track revealing the set was small and perspective was achieved with matte paintings.

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Visible crew/equipment: As "Chilly Down" ends, Sarah is pulled up the ledge by Hoggle. When it shows Sarah, and the Fireys flying behind her, above the first Firey that flies up, the wires are seen.


Continuity mistake: When Sir Didymus threatens Ambrosius with no food to stop his retreat, as the dog walks back into the shot you can see the gray and white mixture on his head. In the close up, the dog's head is all white.

Other mistake: As the cannon the Goblin army brings rolls to a stop, the smoke jet used to simulate shots is visible.

Continuity mistake: The two-headed axe the gate guardian grabs wasn't there when the gate closed.

Audio problem: Watch Agnes the Junklady's mouth as she picks up Charley Bear. The second time she says Charley Bear before putting it on Sarah, her mouth doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: As Ambrosius goes to cross the rocks, he switches from having gray and white on his head to all white, then back.

Other mistake: As Sarah looks at the opening that she can't readily see, the vine on the right side goes from sharp to blurry at the top of it.

Continuity mistake: As the white owl flies in and around the room, it is flapping wildly, but the owl's shadow is flapping at a considerably slower speed. (00:11:50)

Continuity mistake: When Sarah and her stepmother are arguing at the start of the film, Sarah's hair is completely soaked from the rainstorm, but a few minutes later, when she's at her vanity table and her dad is talking to her, her hair is completely dry, and there's no way she could have dried it that quickly, even if she used a hairdryer.

Visible crew/equipment: Just after falling into the Bog of Eternal Stench, the duo are moving along the ledge. As it breaks away, there is an overhead shot where you can see a white and blue piece of equipment at the top left corner of the shot. I don't know what it is but it's not in the next shot so it's not something natural to the Labyrinth. (00:55:45)


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the "Chilly Down" scene, the firey with the long thin mouth and ponytail on the top of his head jumps on Sarah. The others gather around her. Then the chubby firey says, "Come on, Come on!" calling over another firey; however, all five fireys are in the shot around Sarah. The following shot is of the top half of a firey bouncing over on his hands, but this is the same firey that already jumped on Sarah and is still on her. (00:53:10)


Continuity mistake: When Sarah kisses Hoggle, they fall through a hole and end up in the Bog of Eternal Stench. They walk the narrow cliff for a while and then Sarah falls onto solid ground and finds Luto right there next to her. Then Hoggle falls. Somehow, without Luto moving, Hoggle ends up under Luto. Luto never sits down. He is pushed to the ground when Hoggle falls on top of him. His butt is on the floor before Hoggle lands.

Other mistake: When Sarah is at the end doing her speech with David Bowie in that upside down world and is meant to recite the speech word for word, she forgets the line "To take back the child that you have stolen" Instead she skips right over the line and says, " I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city - - missed line - - for my will is as strong as yours...etc. Etc."

Revealing mistake: In the Goblin City, toward the end of the fight scene, one big boulder rolls towards a group set up like ten pins. As it hits them, you can see the plungers used to pop the dummies in the air.

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Continuity mistake: As Ludo pops up in the tower of the house in Goblin City, the roof goes over behind him and stops as if on a hinge. A moment later as he calls the rocks, the roof is missing.

Worm: 'Ello.
Sarah: Did you say hello?
Worm: No, I said 'ello, but that's close enough.

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Trivia: In every scene where Sarah is sitting at her vanity table, to the right of the screen you can see a doll that resembles Jareth, complete with crystal ball.

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Question: Can anyone tell me the significance of Jareth's necklace? Throughout the movie it is silver with a gold center circle. But in his last scene with Sarah after the Escher room, it is reversed- now gold with a silver center circle.

Answer: The necklace is a symbol of Jareth's power throughout the story. All the time that Sarah is in the Labyrinth, Jareth has more power than her, because she doesn't really know what she's doing, and isn't taking one particular path, just getting lucky at the right times. At the end, as we all know, Sarah triumphs, and Jareth's necklace changes to admit his defeat.

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