Continuity mistake: The phone number Sara writes on Jonathan's back is different than the one she writes in the book. (00:11:50 - 01:04:50)

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie, Sara (Kate Beckinsale) runs to the Waldorf-Astoria to stop Jonathon's (John Cusack) wedding. The first time she turns to leave the room where the wedding was to be held, she has just a few drops of sweat showing through her blouse. The second time she turns to leave the room, her back is drenched in sweat. (01:15:15)

Continuity mistake: When Sara and her best friend are celebrating her birthday, a little cake is brought in and placed before them. The cake originally has one candle on it. In the next shot the candle disappears and never comes back. (00:55:20)

Continuity mistake: Originally, the director was going to have the first meeting between Jon and Sara take place 10 years before they finally meet again, but later changed the difference to 7 years. When there is the close-up of Sara's Bloomingdale's receipt, the date printed is 1990, but for a 7 year difference, it should be 1993.


Continuity mistake: Near the beginning of their "interaction" together, Jonathan leaves his scarf at the restaurant. When they both go back, Sara puts the scarf on him and between shots it switches positions. (00:08:20)

Continuity mistake: When Eve is getting into the taxi cab and says farewell to Sara, as the taxi pulls away, you can see in the background three people exiting the revolving doors of the Waldorf Hotel. The very next shot is a medium closeup of Sara watching the cab drive off, and in the background those very same three people once again exit the revolving doors of the Waldorf Hotel.

Continuity mistake: When Sara is showing Eve the airplane tickets to New York, in one shot Eve grabs one of the tickets and Sara holds on to the other. In the next shot, Eve has both of the tickets. And in the third shot, they each have one again. (00:42:05)

Continuity mistake: You see the same shot of New York from above twice, once at the beginning of the film and once near the end. You can tell it is the same shot because of the long truck parked diagonally across the street.

Continuity mistake: This mistake appears when a truck rolls by Sara and Jonathan just as Sara is handing her phone number to him. The camera is close on Sara and Jonathan, but when the shot goes wide, you can see Jonathan's feet turn completely around AS the truck is rolling by, and then the next jump cut shows him turning around AFTER the truck rolls by.

Continuity mistake: When John Cusack is trying to persuade Eugene Levy to give him Sara's details, the camera angle is cutting from one to the other. In one sequence, when we see John Cusack, Eugene Levy is clearly smiling (reverse angle), but from the front shot he's looking very serious. (00:37:25)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie where Jonathan is laying down on the skating rink with all the people skating around him, it starts to snow, and you can see several small puddles all over the rink. The shot flashes to show him still lying in the exact same spot with no skaters anywhere (to signify a time lapse), but all of the puddles look exactly the same, haven't changed a bit. If people were still skating they probably would have enlarged, and if they'd stopped they should have refrozen. (01:21:45)


Continuity mistake: When Jonathan and Sara are having drinks at the coffee shop Serendipity, the multiple straws in their drinks keep changing position. (00:04:35)

Continuity mistake: The phone number Sara writes on Jonathan's back is different than the one she writes in the book. (00:11:50 - 01:04:50)

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Bloomingdale's Salesman: So... you write for the obituary?
Dean: Absolutely.
Bloomingdale's Salesman: Hmm. You must be very proud.
Dean: Uh-huh. I'm the one with the last word.
Bloomingdale's Salesman: Not tonight.
Dean: Yes, I am.
Bloomingdale's Salesman: Don't think so.
Dean: Absolutely.
Bloomingdale's Salesman: Fat chance.
Dean: Still talking.
Bloomingdale's Salesman: Last line.

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Question: At the end, are John and Sara married? She's wearing a ring, but he is not. Perhaps they're just engaged?

Answer: They are engaged and celebrating the day they met each other.

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