Hardball (2001)

6 mistakes

Continuity mistake: When Jefferson is forced to walk home alone, he is wearing blue jeans. When he hides in the cement things to use his inhaler, it shows him wearing khakis. Then, when he gets jumped right after by the guys on the bikes, he is wearing jeans again.

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Factual error: When the team goes to the game to watch the Cubs and Sammi Sosa, Conner evidently drives 4 hours to the east. The ballpark shown in the movie is Tiger Stadium in Detroit.

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Continuity mistake: About fifteen minutes into the film, when the Kukambas team are in the dugouts, two of the kids shake hands. It then cuts to a more distant shot, and their hands aren't touching anymore. Then it goes back to the previous shot and their hands are linked again.

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Continuity mistake: At the first baseball practice, Jefferson asked Coach Conner if he could walk home with him. At that point Jefferson has a stocking cap on. When Jefferson is seen at the projects and just before he gets jumped by the bikers, he does not have on his stocking cap. But, when the bikers jump Jefferson, he has a stocking cap on.


Continuity mistake: When Connor is celebrating after his big payoff, as Duffy is talking to him, a man at the bar is there, disappears, and then reappears again after different shots.

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Other mistake: In one of the games, they show the scoreboard. In two different innings it says one for number of runs. Then they move over and show the total number of hits for each team, and it shows 3 instead of two.

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