Hardball (2001)

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Corrected entry: Conor goes to the Little League diamond to pick up the boys a little less than one hour before a game between the Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs. This happens in the early afternoon, judging by the light. An hour later, they arrive at the game just as it starting, but the game turns out to be a night game.

Correction: I live in Chicago, and it goes from being very light to very dark in less then an hour.

Corrected entry: In the scene where G baby gets shot, why did he get shot even though the tough guys were not shooting anywhere near him?

Correction: There is a guy in the car with a shotgun that shoots in the direction of G-Baby. The guys that had the pistols did not shoot G, but a stray bullet from the shotgun did.

Corrected entry: Coach Connor is only getting paid $500 a week to coach the little league team. The barber asks Connor to pay him $750 a week until he says stop. Where is Connor getting the extra $250 from?

Correction: Connor is only getting paid $500 a week for the coaching, but he also sells tickets on the side.

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