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Correction: It's in black and white.

Corrected entry: Throughout the film, anytime the baseball is shown in close-up (as when being pitched, etc), it appears to be a modern-day Rawlings American League baseball (with "Rawlings" either covered over or not visible). In 1961, where the film was set, the manufacturer of official baseballs for the majors was Spalding.

Correction: Actually American League baseballs in 1961 were made by Reach Sporting Goods, not Spalding.

Corrected entry: When Roger Maris is on his final shot to get the 61st homerun in the same amount of games as Babe Ruth, he misses by hitting the ball with a check swing. When he hits it, the ball is traveling to his left, towards third base. In the next shot, the first baseman picks it up and tags out Roger!

Correction: In the movie when Roger's check swing is in the infield against the Orioles, it is the pitcher, not the first baseman, who picks up the ball and tags him out in his last at bat.

Corrected entry: In many of the games, Yogi Berra was announced as a left fielder, when he was in fact a catcher.

Correction: In 1961, Yogi Berra played 87 games in left field, and 15 as a catcher.

Corrected entry: In one scene, the Yankees are playing the Twins. The Twins didn't exist until the following year when they moved from Washington.

Correction: The Minnesota Twins' inaugural season was in 1961. Owner Calvin Griffith made the announcement to move the team from Washington, DC to Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota on October 26, 1960.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the season there is a scene where Roger is talking on the phone to his wife, who's at home. Her phone, however, has the clip-in detachable phone cord going into the handset - something that wasn't yet invented or common in the household.

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Bob Sheppard: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Yankee Stadium.

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Question: Mickey Mantle was on a home run streak that year and then got hurt. I am just curious to know, if Mickey Mantle had been the one to break the record, if there would be such an uproar over it.

Answer: Actually Maris was MVP the previous year, 1960.

Answer: Probably not. Mantle was loved by the fans and the sports writers, plus he was a good layer. Maris never really had a good season before, or after, so a lot of people did not think he deserved to be the one to break the record.


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