Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Corrected entry: Dr. Aki Ross has her "first" dream in the beginning; later on, when the General is shown her "first" dream by a soldier, it looks different to when she originally recorded it. Not quality wise, but perspective wise. Some people have said they're different dreams, but look at the time she records the dream we see in the beginning and what the Soldier and the General sees with the time-stamps. Same times, hence a continuity mistake on the part of the makers of the film.

Correction: Then the time stamps must be a mistake. The general sees one of the alien warriors, which didn't show up at all until dream two and up close until three and four. Also, consider: The first dream she stored on her ship, not planetside, so it cannot be the same one.

Corrected entry: When the Zeus is overheating and explodes, there's some obviously added-in explosion noises. But there's no sound in space, no matter how big the explosion.

Correction: This is a deliberate omission, typical for space scenes. Compare Star Wars. Or Star Trek. Or any space movie.

Corrected entry: Right after Aki saves the Captain during the beginning portion of the film, she turns around to take the canister containing the plant from what seems like a table from that angle, but as it moves away to a long shot of the room, one can clearly see there isn't a table anywhere near. (00:16:10)

Correction: It's not a table but a ledge.


Continuity mistake: When Gray is being operated on by Aki (he's on the medical table) you can clearly see a reddish-brown scar on the lower left side of his neck (it's not a recent wound). It appears off and on for the rest of the film. Example: you can not see it when they are conversing after escaping to space in her ship after everyone else dies.

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Grey: You've been trying to tell me that death isn't the end. Don't back out on me now that I believe.

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Trivia: Something to look for: somewhere in the film, the animators placed a Chocobo (one of those ostrich-like chicken things that people ride on in some of the Final Fantasy games). It's on the top right corner of Aki's shirt, almost the same color as the shirt, when she wakes up from her 2nd dream.

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Question: The phantoms can kill with the merest touch and can reach through any material - floors, walls, aircraft fuselage etc. Why then do the soldiers bother to don heavy, clunky body armour whenever they go out to battle? They'd do just as well in T-shirts and fatigues.

Oscar Bravo

Chosen answer: The environment has become too hazardous for humans to tolerate.

Paul Plesser

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