Other mistake: In the scene when the nuns are giving the Newsies food when Kid Blink sings "Something to wake me up", one of the kids behind him is mouthing out the words.

Continuity mistake: When Medda is singing "high times, hard times" with the newsies, she skips down a walk way with Kid Blink and Racetrack. The shot changes to Jack and Sarah, then goes back to Medda singing. But the two boys who lift her onto the higher stage after she was skipping aren't Kid Blink or Racetrack. They're different newsies. And then a few shots later you see Racetrack and Kid Blink somewhere else, singing along. (01:14:10)

Continuity mistake: At 1:22:39 David throws the news article on the table but nowhere near Les. At 1:22:41 Les wraps his hotdog with the article that is within arm's length of him. (01:22:35)


Other mistake: In the song "King of New York", Mush is down on the floor singing 'a star for one whole minute' but in the next shot we see him tap dancing on the table.

Continuity mistake: During "Seize the Day" Mush is wiping off with a white towel, and then when he starts to sing, he reaches for the towel again. There is no other towel visible for him to be reaching for.

Continuity mistake: At 22:50 a guy is waving a sign that says: "Trolley strike unfair to workers" in front of the Magazine store and behind the boys. At 22:57, on a wide angle, he is gone.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the movie when the newsies are standing by the large statue and all of the other children start coming, there is a shot of all the newsies together and you can see Spot in the background. In the shot right after, Spot is shown leading the Brooklyn newsies.

Continuity mistake: The Delancy brothers are chasing jack (at the rally) with Morris the closest to him. As he reachs up to grab Jack, to keep him from jumping, the camera cuts to his feet and his hands are missing, as he jumps to safety.


Continuity mistake: The Soaking scene. The wagon is covered. All of a sudden the wagon is bare (top) as the Boys tip it over which spills all of the papers. Then after the kids at racetrack are throwing bundles off of the wagon, the wagon is covered again and upright, while seconds later it is back on it's side.


Audio problem: During the scene where the newsies find out that Jack has turned scabber, Weasel asks David if he'd like a new suit of his own. David yells "Never. I'm not like you." But his mouth isn't moving when he says "I'm not like you." (01:33:35)

Factual error: In "Santa Fe," Jack sings the line "Far from the lousy headlines and the deadlines in between." The word "deadline" was not used in this sense until the 1920s (the movie is set in 1899).

Other mistake: Right after Jack, David, and Les run from Snyder in the beginning of the movie, they end up in front of Medda's, where you can see their breath vapor because it must have been cold outside, but they sing about how hot it is. (00:18:40)

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, when Jack is woken by the landlord, he slips into his natural British accent when he yells at the landlord and calls him "mad."

Other mistake: The newspaper headline on the first day of the strike (the day Crutchy was arrested) is the same headline on the last day of the strike.

Spot Conlon: Your honor, I object.
Judge Monahan: On what grounds?
Spot Conlon: On the grounds of Brooklyn, your honor.

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Question: One of the mistakes on this site state that you can see Crutchy dancing without the use of his crutch. When and during which number?

Answer: During the "Two for a Penny" sequence in Carrying the Banner, you can see Crutchy dancing in one of the back rows on the right without his crutch. You can also see him walking without it behind David during the first Sieze the Day when David sings "Arise and seize the day!"

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