Other mistake: When Pulitzer is reading the headline "Trolley Strike Drags on for Third Week" out loud he uses the magnifying glass to read, but reads faster than he is dragging it.

Other mistake: In the scene after "King of New York" when they are planning the rally, Kid Blink is in the back and is supposed to be handed a drink, but gets passed by, so he shares the drink for the toast with the Newsie next to him.

Other mistake: In the scene when the nuns are giving the Newsies food when Kid Blink sings "Something to wake me up", one of the kids behind him is mouthing out the words.

Other mistake: In the song "King of New York", Mush is down on the floor singing 'a star for one whole minute' but in the next shot we see him tap dancing on the table.

Other mistake: The newspaper headline on the first day of the strike (the day Crutchy was arrested) is the same headline on the last day of the strike.

Continuity mistake: As Jack Kelly rides the horse near the end of the "Santa Fe" sequence, his hat is waving behind him. When it cuts to a different angle the hat is on his head. Note: This was a specific detail put in by the director, symbolizing the boy's mental transition from New York to Santa Fe. However, it failed and is commonly seen as an editing mistake.

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Jack Kelly: So what do you say, Spot?
Spot Conlon: I say... that what you say... is what I say.

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