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Corrected entry: In the scene where the newsies rip up the papers, the boy in the beginning gets the papers knocked out of his his hands and then kicked in the face but at the end of the scene you see the boy ripping up the papers with the rest of the newsies.

Correction: The boy joins the Newsies strike ranks, so naturally he would be helping them during this scene.

Corrected entry: The music is the same by the Trolley worker's strike and the Newsies Strike (after the first time they sing "Seize the day", when Cruthy gets arrested).

Correction: Anything obvious in the movie isn't valid trivia.

Corrected entry: During the "Two for a Penny" sequence in Carrying the Banner, you can see Crutchy dancing in one of the back rows on the right without his crutch. You can also see him walking without it behind David during the first Sieze the Day when David sings "Arise and seize the day!"

Correction: In "Two for a Penny," if you look closely you can tell that Crutchy does indeed have his crutch and is dancing with it. It's just hidden behind Jack and when David says "Arise and seize the day." Crutchy is walking WITH the crutch. Look closely otherwise you miss it.

Corrected entry: During "Seize the Day" a couple of the Newsies throw Mush up into the air. If you listen closely you can hear him yell as he's falling, then in the next shot of him (still during Sieze the Day) his knees are bloody from the fall.

Correction: Mush doesn't fall, the Newsie's throw him in to the air, and he lands just fine. His knees aren't bloody, they're just scabbed and scraped like any normal boy's would be, especially if he does the dance moves Mush does.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Pulitzer and his executives decide to raise the price of papers to the Newsies from 50 cents per 100 to 60 cents per 100, they comment, it's only a 10 percent increase. An increase from 50 to 60 cents is 20 percent, even in the year 1898.

Correction: They don't say it's a 10 percent increase they say it's a tenth of a cent increase per paper.

Corrected entry: After the Newsies throw their hats at another Newsie, they sing about different locations in 1899 New York. They mention Grand Central Station, which wasn't built until 1913.

Correction: This is not a mistake. The current Grand Central Station (Terminal) wasn't open until 1913, but an earlier Grand Central existed at the time of the movie, built 1871.

Corrected entry: The scene at the newsie rally (and everything else that's inside Medda's theatre) was shot in the Golden Horseshoe theatre in Frontierland at Disneyland.

Correction: According to the commentary on the DVD, the scene was shot in an old theater somewhere in LA.

Corrected entry: In the "Carrying the Banner" song when they are singing 'we need an earthquake or a war' Jack stumbles(trips) and does not do the moves for that line.

Correction: They are acting out an Earthquake. Why wouldn't he fall?

Corrected entry: During "Carrying the Banner (Ain't it a Fine Life)" Crutchy sings, "You smell foul," and then another boy sings, "Met this girl last night," and you can see Crutchy in the background standing outside the bathroom door. In the very next shot, he is washing his face at a sink and he sings, "Ah, move your elbow..."

Correction: After Crutchy sings "You smell fowl," he walks over to the sink area.

Continuity mistake: During the opening number, The kid with the brown, hard, top hat (as the boys are at the gate and when the Delancy Brothers are there) messes up the kids hair in fornt of him. When he puts his hat on correctly his hair is hanging down on the right side. Later his hat is off and when the camera switches angles a split second later, the hat returns.


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Racetrack: I say, that what Spot Conlon says, is what I say.

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Question: During the song "The World Will Know," Jack climbs up onto the balcony of the World building to write the word "Strike" on the headline chalkboards. As he's climbing, between lines of the song, you can hear him yelling. All I can hear of the first line is "Pulitzer." I'm pretty sure the second line is "You think you own the world." Anybody know what he's saying there?

Answer: This website has the lyrics to that song:

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