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Corrected entry: In the scene at the Military Academy, just after Lance Henriksen has introduced himself to the boys, you will see a platoon of boys about to march off. You will see the guy holding the baton about to move off. As he twirls the baton, you can see the top of the baton fall off to the ground.

Correction: First off, the baton leader does not twirl the baton at all. Secondly, the bottom of the baton falls off, not the top. Also, I hardly see why you think that was a mistake, the baton was apparently archaic and about to fall apart at an instantaneous random moment, not even needing a small applicable force.

Corrected entry: There is a strange sequence that I'm not sure is a plot or continuity flaw: The doctor calls Mr. Thorn to setup a meeting about Damien's blood test. The doctor is then cut in half in the hospital elevator. They immediately cut to Mr. Thorn opening the newspaper and is shocked at the top news story. How fast is the press? Thorn reacts like he just found out. Surely the medical staff would have notified him of what happened. There is no other indication of how much time has passed.


Correction: Actually it is neither plot or continuity flaw. Mr Thorn isn't reacting to the tragedy at the hospital. He is wanting a complete report of the accident at the Thorn labs.

Corrected entry: In the first movie, Robert Thorn asks Bugenhagen for proof that Damien is the Antichrist and Bugenhagen tells him to look for the birthmark on Damien's scalp. But why didn't Bugenhagen simply take Thorn to see Yigael's Wall, since this movie establishes that it bears Damien's face and is the final thing that convinced him?

Correction: Bugenhagen didn't find the wall until after Thorn died. Thorn died at the end of the first film. The second starts with Bugenhagen racing to his mate having just seen the wall. He takes him there then they both die.

Corrected entry: At the start of the film, Karl Bugenhagen wants his archeologist friend Michael to deliver a package which contains the daggers to Damein's uncle in Chicago. This is impossible, since Bugenhagen already gave the daggers to Damein's father, who was then fatally shot at the end of the first film. So how was he able to get them back?

Correction: This should have been explained in the movie, probably, but in the book version Bugenhagen was able to persuade the authorities that the daggers were his property (presumably by verifying them as an archeological find) and since they were not needed as evidence they were returned to him. How he got around the fact that they made their way into Thorn's hands is unexplained.

Factual error: The movie takes place in Chicago, except for one scene that is supposed to be in New York City (when Damien's uncle visits the priest). Two problems. First, as the cab pulls up to the church where the priest is, it goes past a housing project. Anyone who knows public housing construction in New York and Chicago knows that building is in Chicago. Second, when they go out to a trainyard, you can clearly see the Hancock Tower in the background. Of course, that building is in Chicago, not New York.

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Damien Thorn: Yes. Born in the image of the greatest power in the world! The Desolate One. Desolate because his greatness was taken from him and he was cast down. But he has risen, Mark, in me.

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Trivia: The winter scene was shot at Eagle River, Wisc. which is in the deep woods. When the Hollywood crew showed up, they brought along fake trees. Those trees were definitely not needed.

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Question: When Damian learns that he is the Antichrist, he is seen being very upset about it. Later in the movie, why does he choose to embrace who he is and his destiny?

Answer: Having lived as a "normal" boy, Damien is initially shocked to learn his true identity. After having time to adjust and being surrounded and groomed by satanic supporters, he eventually embraces his true persona.

raywest Premium member

The answer is correct, and I'm just going a into a bit more detail. During the events of the first film, Damien is normal until Mrs Baylock entered his life. She started teaching him about who he was, but he was only five or six, which would have been far too young for him to understand. He started acting more malicious after this point. After the movie ended, it skips ahead to Damien living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin. During that time, it's conceivable that the forces surrounding him decided to give him a period of peace. He was raised by his aunt (secretly a Satanist), but she might have been instructed to give him a normal upbringing so he wouldn't call attention to himself. As a result, he probably forgot about it, and started to believe he wasn't any different. Once he learned of his unholy lineage he began to remember and eventually embrace it, especially since he had several followers (Buher, Neff, and many others he may not have met yet) to help and protect him.


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