The Buddy Holly Story

Continuity mistake: Buddy is unloading boxes of tiles in his garage while Riley and he discuss the radio station programming. There are 8 boxes on the shelf and Buddy unloads another two boxes. A minute later, the same two boxes are back in the truck bed, and Buddy unloads them again.

Continuity mistake: When Ross comes to the Hollys' house for lunch, the positions of the coffee cups change a few times and are noticeable by which way the handle faces. First, Ross' cup handle points toward the left side of the screen. Next, the handle points toward the right side of the screen. Maria takes the cup to fill with coffee and then places the cup on the table with the handle pointing toward Buddy (on the opposite side of the table or towards the viewer). The next time Ross' cup is shown, the handle points toward the left side of the screen. The last view shows the cup with the handle pointed toward the right of the screen. Buddy moves his coffee cup once, but there are still a couple times when the handle points in a different direction compared to seconds earlier. No one was actually seen drinking coffee.


Factual error: The name of the venue where Buddy played his last concert was the Surf Ballroom, not the Clear Lake Auditorium .

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