The Buddy Holly Story

Revealing mistake: During the sax player's solo (final concert), his fingers don't match the notes, and he stops moving his fingers before the solo is over. Also, the sax player in the blue jacket behind Buddy's right side often lags behind the sax player to his right. At times, it looked like the sax player was watching the sax player next to him to know when to play. Sometimes, he would put the reed in his mouth for a fraction of a section and just pretend to be playing. Near the end, both sax players seem lost and even laughing at themselves. (01:47:17)


Factual error: When Buddy and the musicians tour bus is towed to the Clear Lake Auditorium for the final concert before the fatal air crash, the canopy states that the concert is on the 3rd of February. The fatal accident that took Buddy, The Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens occurred at 1am on 3rd February 1959 so the canopy should have read 2nd February.

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