Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Trivia: Julie Andrews was the actress chosen to play the part of Truly Scrumptious. However, as revealed in "Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography", Ms. Andrews had grown tired of being typecast in playing the same type of roles in Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. She turned down the part.

Trivia: The License plate on Ms. Scrumptious' car is CUB 1, Albert "Cubby" Broccoli was the producer of the film....

Trivia: When the soldiers bring the car to the castle, there is a black horse with the solider that runs onto the cobblestones and loses its footing, causing its back end to go down.

Lynette Carrington

Trivia: The fictional car, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, was based on a real-life series of aero-engined racing cars called "Chitty Bang Bang," built and owned by Count Zborowski between 1921 and 1926. The first of the three cars in the series had a Mercedes chassis with a twenty three litre, six cylinder Maybach engine which reached 100.75mph at Brooklands. The second had an early Mercedes chassis and an 18.8 litre Benz BZ series aero-engine and competed in Sahara desert races. The third had a 160 horse power Mercedes single overhead camshaft six cylinder aero engine and was tuned to produce 180 horse power, and lapped Brooklands at 112.68mph. There was a fourth version, known as the "Higham Special" was the largest capacity (27 litres) racing car ever to run at Brooklands. Its gearbox and chain-drive (also easily seen in the movie car) from a pre-war Blitzen Benz and it had a 450 horse power V12 Liberty aero engine. It set a speed record in 1926 of 170.02mph. Ironically, the Count Zborowski was killed driving a small 2-liter engine capacity car in 1924.

Trivia: Dick Van Dyke starred in this 1968 film about a fellow who purchases and restores a magical motorcar and must protect it from the greedy clutches of a conniving foreign tyrant; and, of course, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" became a children's classic. Ironically, three years earlier, in 1965, Jerry Van Dyke (Dick's younger brother) starred in an NBC television situation-comedy about a fellow who purchases and restores a magical motorcar and must protect it from the greedy clutches of a conniving car collector. Widely panned by critics as the worst-ever idea for a TV series, "My Mother the Car" was cancelled in 1966 after one season, and the good-natured Jerry Van Dyke always admitted that the series was the very definition of bad television.

Charles Austin Miller

Continuity mistake: Truly crashes into the pond three times: first when the kids are playing in the road and she takes them home, second on the day of the picnic when she says she has nothing else to do and will go on the picnic too, and third at the end of the film when Potts finds out he is rich. In the second of these three, when Mr. Potts carries Truly from her car in the pond, the end of the ribbons on the back of her dress gets soaked in mud, but when you see her again at the beach there is no sign of the dirt.

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Question: Why doesn't the Baron like the Baroness and keeps trying to get rid of her? I mean, if it wasn't for her and the law, he wouldn't get all the toys the Toy Maker makes, so why does he not like her?

Answer: He feels like she ruins all of his fun. He is kind of like a child and she is like his mother figure more than a husband and wife.

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