Continuity mistake: After the guy comes at Wolverine with a knife, Wolverine holds him against a wooden post. His jacket is off his shoulders after being pushed against the post, but when Wolverine slices the shotgun in half the jacket is back on his shoulders. (00:12:50)


Continuity mistake: When Rogue is seen for the first time, her hand is moving up photographs on the wall, and if you look closely there are some kind of red poppies when she reaches the end, yet when it cuts to another shot a bit further away, her finger is a lot further down the wall from the red poppy/flower. (00:04:15)


Continuity mistake: When Storm and Cyclops are in the train station, and Toad whips Cyclops goggles off, he punches a hole through the ceiling of the train station behind him, yet the hole changes from behind him to above Storm between shots. (00:50:30)


Continuity mistake: When Cyclops and Storm are in the train station, Storm is held up by Sabretooth, Cyclops spots this and starts to walk over to help. He stretches his arms out between a lot of people to push two people out the way, yet when the shot changes to Toad's POV all the people around him are at least two to three feet away from him. (00:50:30)


Continuity mistake: When Wolverine leaves the mansion at the end of the film, he has a curl in his hair whilst talking with Rogue. Once he exits the mansion, the curl has disappeared. (01:32:55)


Continuity mistake: The direction Magnetos helmet faces as it sits on his desk in his lair constantly changes between shots. (00:20:20 - 00:21:15)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning, when Storm and Cyclops are standing behind Sabretooth, the camera cuts to Cyclops. He raises his right hand to shoot his red beam at Sabretooth, but when the shot cuts to a wider shot he has his right hand by his side. (00:19:25)


Audio problem: Just before Cyclops shoots his beam which breaks the toad-slime off of Jean Grays face, he says "Don't move," however HIS MOUTH doesn't move. (01:12:30)

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Revealing mistake: When Storm is using her powers to blow Toad out of the Statue of Liberty there are things swirling around and blowing, but a rack of T-shirts doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: Just after the soldier hits the young Magneto with his gun, the guy on the left is holding him and he turns away looking at the ground (probably so he knows where to fall). Yet in the following shot, the boy is looking up on top of the guy who is facing up. (00:03:35)


Revealing mistake: During the montage that introduces Xavier's School about 27 minutes into the film, you briefly see Cyclops shooting several Frisbees/clay-pigeons out of the air. Watch closely, and you will see that the falling debris from all of the clay-pigeons simply "fades away" shortly after each one explodes. They aren't burning up or disintegrating from his beam. You can see them "fade away" as the animation finishes when each one explodes. A shortcut in the CGI rendering.

Revealing mistake: The "copper" straps used to restrain the heroes in the Statue of Liberty are actually made of foam or some other malleable material. They flex considerably as the characters struggle. (01:18:28)

Continuity mistake: When Wolverine has just walked into Xavier's office for the first time, a girl picks up her book then runs towards Wolverine. Her left hand is on her bag, but in the following shot when Wolverine looks over his shoulder, her left hand is now on the left strap of the bag. (00:24:10)


Continuity mistake: When Wolverine and Rogue are in Wolverines truck, just prior to the crash, we see them driving near huge trees with thick leaves that can't be seen through. When Rogue says the line "You really should wear your seatbelt", the view out her window shows a handful of trees that one can see through for a mile.

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Continuity mistake: When Senator Kelly meets Magneto for the first time, it's outside and cold. When you see Kelly his breath shows blowing to the left of the screen. But when you get the reverse angle of Magneto and Mystique their breath also goes off to the left of the screen. It should be blowing to the right.

Continuity mistake: In his truck, Wolverine is smoking a cigar while the window is rolled up. But when he stops after hearing a noise, the window is now rolled down. Then the window is a quarter way up as he gets out of his truck. (00:14:45)

Audio problem: When Rogue is riding in Wolverine's truck and he gives her the beef jerky, you can hear her lips smacking as she eats, but she is actually chewing with her mouth closed. (00:16:10)

Continuity mistake: When Logan is driving his truck the road is free of snow, but when he gets out because he hears Rogue in the back, the road is covered with snow.

Continuity mistake: Close to the beginning of the film when Rogue is in a classroom with other students, she has two books in front of her, yet in a few shots later the books change position on the table. (00:26:40)


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Continuity mistake: When Rogue sits at the bar, as the bartender cleans a cup, a metal ashtray appears beside Rogues glass of water between shots. (00:11:20)

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Magneto: Are you a God-fearing man, Senator? It's such a strange phrase. I always thought of God as a teacher. As a bringer of light, wisdom and understanding. You see, I think what you really are afraid of is me. Me and my kind. The Brotherhood of Mutants.

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Trivia: In the beginning when the 20th century fox logo is fading the 'X' stays on just a bit longer.

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Question: Are Scott and Jean engaged? In the scene where Jean's reading Logan's mind, she appears to be wearing an engagement ring.

Answer: The ring she is wearing is not an engagement ring because they are not officially engaged until X2.


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