Corrected entry: When Logan crashes through his windshield, he lands over 60 feet away from the truck, far too far considering the speed of the truck and strength of impact.

Correction: Normally, that would be true. But it's in the snow on a frozen and slippery road, and Logan has a very heavy metal skeleton in his body to give him momentum. Those two things together are enough to hit the ground and slide that far.

Quantom X Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Logan is trying to save Rogue from the mutation generator, he jumps down between the rotating rings to claw her free. However, the rings were moving much too fast for him to just simply leap down between them given the speed he falls.

Quantom X Premium member

Correction: Shots of the machine when stationary make it fairly clear that the rings are not complete - they're more like horseshoes, open at the top. Logan simply got on top of the machine and dropped safely through the gap at the top of the rings.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: Wolverines bones are supposed to be made of adamantium, and teeth are bones, but Wolverine's teeth are bone teeth in the movies.


Correction: His bones are not made of adamantium, they were coated in it. Obviously his teeth were not included in the procedure.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the truck driver drops off Rogue, you can hear him push the brakes, but you don't hear him pull them before he gets out of the truck. No truck driver would leave his truck without setting his brakes. It would roll away.

Correction: I work at a factory that has trucks coming and going all day long, 24/7. This happens all the time.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: In the last shot inside Magneto's plastic prison, when Xavier says, "And I will always be there," the guard's visible shirt pocket has a metal button.

Correction: There is no way to say with certainty that the button is metal, so it must be assumed that it is plastic.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When Sabretooth is at the train station, Storm looks around and he begins to lift her up, yet when the shot goes to her feet we see the back of her legs just turning around and lifting up. (Storm may have great powers but I doubt she's a contortionist).



Correction: Watch the movie again. When Sabretooth comes up behind Storm, she only turns the upper half of her body partway around, and then when Sabretooth grabs her and lifts her up, he turns her the rest of the way around so she is facing him completely.

Corrected entry: Near the start of the film when Sabretooth comes back without the mutant, Magneto asks, "What happened?" Just after this, when he pulls out the chair, if you watch closely he moves his hand up twice, and the chair moves out twice (slo-mo required).



Correction: Requiring the viewer to "watch closely" and to use "slow motion" for a minor repetitive action invalidates mistakes such as this. As it states on the 'Contributions' page, "If something requires slow motion to spot, chances are it's not a valid mistake...but a tiny change in position...that's only noticeable by slowing the shot down won't be listed."

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When Wolverine and Mystique are fighting, Wolverine cuts off Mystique's knives, because she is in Wolverine's form. If he cut off her knives, wouldn't that be like cutting off her fingers or something? They are still part of her body.


Correction: Yes, that's exactly what he's done, which is why she cries out when he does it. It's not her fingers, but it's definitely some body mass. Not a mistake though.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: When in the Statue of Liberty, Magneto magnetizes the bars to keep Wolverines hands pointed at himself and hang him against the wall. Wolverine decides to stab himself, which makes him fall. Maybe I'm wrong, but why would stabbing himself make the magnetism wear off so he can fall?


Correction: Magneto doesn't magnetise the bars to keep Wolverine imprisoned, he simply uses his powers to bend those bars into shape. Once he stops bending them, he has no further effect on them and they're just metal restraints. When Logan pops his claws through his own body, he severs the restraints at the point where they join the wall behind him, allowing him to get loose.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when the owner of the bar is holding a shotgun to Wolverine's head, if you look at it closely, the shotgun turns from black to silver between shots.



Correction: I've viewed this scene countless times. The shotgun NEVER changes colour. The lighting reflecting off the shotgun changes slightly but the shotgun is always black.


Corrected entry: It is established that the X-Men's base of operation including Cerebro are in underground levels. In this scene, you see Bobby walking with two friends talking about Rogue missing. Mystique (as Bobby also) walks out of the round elevator as the real Bobby walks past. They are on the main ground floor. The next shot, Mystique as Bobby is in the underground level standing in front of the door to Cerebro. Why is she in the elevator in the first place that she'd exit on the ground level, and why would she exit at the ground level if she just has to go back in to go down to the basement to access Cerebro?

Correction: She may have come from upstairs, not shown in this film, but in X-Men 2, it is shown that the elevators also go up to the 1st floor, as Bobby uses it to go upstairs to find Rogue.

Corrected entry: After Senator Kelly's death, watch Storm as she runs away. On her right, a microphone wire is visible.


Correction: Doesn't appear to be a wire, but rather a line in the fabric of the shirt she is wearing. There is one on the other side that you can see when she walks in to the room. Also, I don't think they wear microphones. Usually there is a boom mic overhead. You can see examples of the boom being used in the special features disc of X-Men 1.5 that shows you behind the scenes footage.


Corrected entry: When you see the X-ray of Logan's body, you see the solid metal blades that shoot out of his hands. In the X-ray, they go from just before his elbow, up his wrist to the middle of his hand. But later Logan bends his wrist. How does he do that if the blades don't bend?


Correction: The blades could retract slightly to allow his wrist to bend. After all, his blades come out on command so who says he can't make them go back when he needs to bend his wrist. Or it may be that he was slightly nervous when the X-ray was taken so that he blades are actually already slightly extended from their normal position.

Corrected entry: Near the end, Cyclops tells Storm to "fry" Magneto. Magneto then answers, "..lightning bolt in a small copper space..." meaning that everyone would be "fried". This is total baloney, as the bolt would hit Magneto directly, then discharge into the floor of the statue and dissipate in energy through the whole statue. Magneto would receive a direct hit and as the main conductor and would be instantly killed. The others would also be shocked, but to a substantially lesser degree and certainly not life-threatening. However, Magneto seems to either not know this, or more likely is lying with the (correct) assumption that the others don't know that either.

Correction: You are assuming that Storm would be able to pinpoint a bolt of lightning through the small hole in the statue and into Magneto. It is more likely that the bolt would come near the statue and be attracted to the metal as it neared the hole, causing it to veer off and spread through the walls (where the X-men were chained).


Corrected entry: Right after Wolverine has stabbed and Rogue has absorbed his power, she turns around to face Storm. The front of her nightgown has no holes from the stab.


Correction: This was already corrected, but here it is again. Look closer, or at a still from the scene. Rogue's top did not have material over the front of her shoulder to begin with, so there was nothing to puncture. Her hair is in the way so you can't see the blood or torn flesh in the front.

Corrected entry: In the train station scene, when Magneto, Beast, and Toad go outside, Toad has Cyclops visor on his head. Later on in the movie Cyclops is wearing the visor.

Correction: That was Sabertooth. Not Beast. Also, one would think that Cyclops has more than one visor in case he loses one while fighting.

Maria Santos

Corrected entry: In the cage fight with Logan and the trucker guy, Logan takes 2 in the face, and 2 in the stomach, the 2 in the face should have hurt a whole lot considering Logans face is laced with Adamantium (later shown when Logan knocks the guy out with his chin and a metal sound is heard)

Correction: I don't think that your nerves can appreciate any difference in hardness due to being crushed against adamantium coated bones as opposed to plain bones - they are just as hard compared to flesh. It's like saying falling out of a plane onto concrete would hurt more than falling out of a plane onto tarmac.

Corrected entry: Why isn't Magneto wearing his protective helmet on the boat towards the end of the film? He has no way of knowing that Mystique's sabotage of Cerebro worked - for all he knew, Xavier could have been tracking him at that moment.


Correction: Mystique can't make a phone call?


Corrected entry: Xavier might not want to kill Magneto outside the train station, but he could easily have used Sabertooth to knock his protective helmet off or slam him into a wall and knock him unconscious. If he had done this immediately (before Magneto pointed everyone's guns back at them, after which it was obviously too risky) he could have captured Magneto then and there. Granted, not very good for the film, but it still should have occurred to him.


Correction: Ignoring the fact that Professor X and Magneto are very old friends, it's very clear throughout the movies and comics that Professor X does not want to get into a physical conflict with Magneto - instead, he wants Magneto to convert to the ideology of the X-Men. This is important because attacking Magneto will only escalate the conflict, whereas converting him would also bring many if not all of his followers. In addition, Professor X is in Sabretooth's mind - Sabretooth knows that the helmet fits Magneto very tightly (hard to knock off) and protects him from physical violence as well as mental intrusions (hard to knock out).


Corrected entry: When Wolverine is in the bar right after his fight listen to what is said on the TV. The guy is saying that "over 200 nations' leaders will be present" and he is referring to the meeting on the island. There are only 191 nations recognized by the UN. So how could their be over 200?

Correction: The film is set in the near future - by which time there may be more recognized nations than there are at present.

Chimera Premium member

Corrected entry: Just before the tree crashes down on Logan's truck, Hugh Jackman says the line about driving safety in his natural, Australian accent.


Correction: As an Australian, I don't believe what he said was in an "actual" Australian accent.

Corrected entry: In the scene just before Rogue asks Wolverine if it hurts him when his metal claws come out, Wolverine takes a drag on his cigar which is in his right hand. The camera angle changes and he places his right hand on the steering wheel. If you look closely you can see that his cigar has magically vanished from his hand.

Correction: I've watched this scene from beginning to end very closely and can see that the cigar never disappears in any shot. Whenever he puts his hand on the steering wheel the cigar stays in between the tips of his fingers.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Wolverine gets thrown onto the hood of the truck by Sabretooth, one scene shows him lying on the hood, the next shot shows him half way in the windshield and then he is back on the hood again.


Correction: No what you see is him on the hood, then a shot of his chest from inside the truck, with him still lying across the hood and then a final shot with him on the hood again. He is never half way through the windshield.


Corrected entry: In the beach scene when senator Kelly is watching the news at the hot dog stand, we can see a big chain behind it; the next shot shows Kelly taking some clothes than were hanging on the chain; those clothes were not there in the previous shot.


Correction: This is easily explained, the chain we see in the first shot is behind the hot dog stand (with Stan Lee's cameo) the chain he grabs the clothes from is to the left of the stand (look to the far right you can see the edge of the stand).


Corrected entry: When Wolverine stops his truck to check out the funny noise, there are no tracks in the snow behind his car, but when he begins to leave after ditching Rogue, the tracks are back.


Correction: It does look like this for a second behind his front driver's side wheel, but if you take a closer look you can see that it's only a optical illusion with the angle, the tire tracks are still there, other wise there are no other times you see the ground so you couldn't tell anyway.


Corrected entry: When Senator Kelly is in the chopper, he is in full sunlight while he talks on his cell phone. But when the shot goes to Henry Guyrich (Mystique), Senator Kelly is now completely in the shade.


Correction: The reason Senator Kelly is in complete shade is that the helicopter is quickly turning off its regular route and towards Magneto's base. In fact this is backed up by both Senator Kelly saying "Where are we" and the shot of Henry with the shadow moving across his face.


Corrected entry: In the scene after Sabertooth attacks Logan in the car, he (Sabertooth) confronts Magneto. It then shows Magneto sitting down and using his powers to take Logan's necklace from Sabertooth, but when he lifts his arm up, there is no number on it from the concentration camp. When in the very next shot, it shows the number back on his arm.

Correction: When they show the numbers on his arm it is an extreme close up and is still very light and small, due to fading. You wouldn't be able to see it from the distance of the first shot.


Corrected entry: In the scene right after Logan hits the hood of the truck, and Sabretooth is distracted by something, you can see Storm's hair is pulled back in a pony tail (you can also see it when she gives Rogue a hand out of the truck). But when they are still standing out in the open, the camera view switches behind them, and her hair is blown forward around her face. Then it is back in a pony tail.


Correction: Look closely - all her hair is on either side of her head, but the hair on the right side is still together in a ponytail.


Corrected entry: Rogue's accent seems very strong for the first part of the movie, but seems to disappear completely after the scene in Logan's truck.

Correction: Not true, although her accent is weaker with high emotion, as in her talking to Bobby, and asking if Magneto's going to kill her. Seconds earlier when he is talking about the Statue of Liberty she says "I've seen it before." In her normal accent.


Corrected entry: When Mystique disguised as Bobby is telling Rogue that the professor is mad at her and to leave (after the Wolverine incident) you can see his breath meaning it was cold, but whenever it's a shot of Rogue, there's no breath. Has it warmed up or something. Some people say it's because he's Iceman, but following that thought, it's actually Mystique.

Correction: While this is true you can only really see Bobby's breath two or three times and only after he made a more forceful, breathy exhale, like when he said "PRO-fessor" and "you should GO". Other than that the majority of what he speaks you can't see his breath at all. Rogue never made any forceful breaths when she spoke, therefore we never saw any breath.

Corrected entry: After the professor is sent into a coma from Cerebro, you can see Storm wearing some strange yellow suit. She wasn't wearing it before they went in, and she wasn't wearing it when they came out.


Correction: Storm is not the only one wearing different clothes (which DO stay the same until she puts on her uniform, by the way), but so are Cyclops and Jean which indicates that the scene in the medical lab most likely takes place the next day, NOT immediately after the professor has the seizure in Cerebro.

Corrected entry: At the end when Rogue goes to talk to Wolverine as he is leaving there is a close-up of her face with a lock of hair going across her mouth. In the next shot it has disappeared and all her hair is neatly back from her face.

Correction: She is off camera for enough time to pull the hair away from her mouth, and that's a logical thing to do when you're about to start talking to someone...

STP Premium member

Corrected entry: When Storm and Cyclops go to look for Rogue, they leave about a minute or so ahead of Wolverine. So how does he get to there ahead of them to take Cyclops' bike?

Correction: Storm and Cyclops turn to walk away from Wolverine and the Professor all of 5 seconds before the scene cuts. You simply have to assume that Wolverine rushed down to the garage a different direction and Storm & Cyclops were delayed.

Timothy Conard

Corrected entry: After Wolverine spins round one of the prongs on the Statue of Liberty and the end falls off, there is a shot looking up the statue, in which it has all the prongs intact.

Correction: It's hard to see, but the fourth prong from the right is missing its tip.


Corrected entry: When Bobby is telling Rogue that she should run away, Rogue's hair is straight. However when she's on the train her hair is curled. I strongly doubt that she decided to curl her hair before running away.


Correction: It is evident throughout the movie that Rogue's hair is natural curly, so it is more likely that she straightened her hair that morning which would then wear off by that night. Also, her hair is being bunched up by her hood so it might look more curly than it really is.

Corrected entry: When Logan flies through the windshield of his truck and skids on the snow, when he stops, his left palm is facing up, then it flashes to Rogue, then back to Logan and his palm is down.


Correction: Not true. His palm is facing up the entire time.

Corrected entry: When the X-men arrive at the statue of Liberty the police helicopter, which was hovering in the area, has disappeared leaving 200 world leaders without protection from the air. Meanwhile all the commotion is about to start there. Also there are no guards in the statue, which again is odd, because it would be THE spot for a sniper to shoot any of the worldleaders, which for some reason hold their summit in the open air nearby.

Correction: The helicopter doesn't disappear, it can still be heard after Wolverine destroys Magneto's device. As for the guards at the Statue of Liberty, it's assumed that they were all killed by the Brotherhood, since you see Sabretooth and Toad kill some of them.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the Statue of Liberty where Wolverine shoots his claws through his chest to escape, how does this help? His claws are extremely sharp, as is shown later in the film when he cuts off a part of the statue that is made of solid metal. His claws should simply perforate the metal, instead of helping release him.

Correction: Perforated metal cannot hold as much weight, and Wolverine is quite heavy. After the cut the copper snaps under his weight and he falls.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine stabs Rogue her night-gown is conveniently ripped away in the back so we can see the claw punctures, but as she backs away there are no holes in the front.


Correction: Look closer, or at a still from the scene. Rogue's top did not have material over the front of her shoulder to begin with, so there was nothing to puncture. Her hair is in the way so you can't see the blood or torn flesh in the front.

Corrected entry: Much is made of Magneto's helmet which stops Professor X using Cerebro to find him. However, he can control Sabretooth and Toad (at the train station) and presumably knew that Sabretooth was about to attack Wolvie and Rogue. So why couldn't he find Magneto's base by tracking one of his followers? Even if the base is shielded, he could still follow them until they disappeared, and it would be pretty simple to work out where the base was after that...


Correction: The purpose of the helmet is to prevent Xavier from reading Magneto's mind when he went out into the field, not when he is in his base because he doesn't wear his helmet there. When Logan asks Xavier why he couldn't use Cerebro to find Magento, Xavier only says that Magento was able to shield himself from it somehow. Since the way he shields himself was never defined, one must assume that Magneto would have a way to deal with the problem of people coming and going without having Xavier track them back his the base.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine is falling down the side of the Statue of Liberty during his fight with Sabertooth (again), and he impales his claws into the side of the structure, they show up on the other side between Jean and Cyclops' faces vertically. However, it looks as though he put them in the structure horizontally when shown from the outside.


Correction: Watch the scene in slow motion and you will see that he put his claws in vertically.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sabretooth has Storm against the glass and she's controlling the weather, he roars and you can see he has a metal cap or filling on a molar. Sabretooth has regeneration powers, so he doesn't need dental work.

Correction: Jean Grey says in her speech to the Senate that mutations manifest at puberty therefore it is possible for Sabretooth to get fillings as a child that would remain with him even after his mutation since teeth do not heal.

Corrected entry: During the scene with Rogue in her bedroom describing her trip through Canada to Alaska, she says that she will stop at Niagara Falls on the way. Niagara Falls is located on the east side of North America on the border of Canada and New York state. On her map of North America, she has a Niagara Falls postcard tacked onto the West side of the country.


Correction: Her map is correct. When she says Niagara Falls you can see the picture of it next to a picture of the Statue of Liberty and the Twin Towers. It just that when she says she'll go up the Canadian Rockies it cuts to a wide shot and she is already pointing to the west side of her map.

Corrected entry: When we first see Wolverine, his sideburns are thick and full, but when he wakes up in Xavier's school, his sideburns are not nearly that thick, in fact, they look rather scrubby. They change back to thick at the end of the movie, when Logan puts on the X-men uniform.


Correction: They used the same make-up/hair pieces for Wolverine through the whole movie. The variations in thickness are an optical illusion, based on the lighting conditions (more light makes them look thinner, less light makes them look thicker).

Bruce Minnick

Corrected entry: Senator Kelly makes a phone call while he's in the helicopter, unaware that Guyrich is really Mystique. Before she transforms to her normal form, Kelly hands her (still in the form of Guyrich) his phone, which is placed in a pocket. Mystique transforms and... the phone is gone. Where would it go?


Correction: She could have just pretended to pocket it. We see Senator Kelly look away for a moment after he gives her the phone, so that gave her a chance to do something else with it (i.e. put it behind the seat or something).

Corrected entry: When Hugh Jackman first finds Professor X's office he jumps over a couch to open it. In the next shot, the students leave the room with no problems.


Correction: He doesn't come straight down the hallway, he approaches at an angle, camera angles make this difficult to see.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Storm and Cyclops go to find Rogue at the train station, you can see that it's still daylight. When Toad uses his tongue to steal Cyclops' visor, the optic blast shoots through the roof of the station, as seen from the outside, though when you see it from the outside, it is night. The rest of the scene is still day-time.

Correction: The entire scene happens at night, from when Wolverine steals the motorcycle to when Magneto escapes by helicopter.

Corrected entry: At then end of the movie, Cyclops is watching Senator Kelly on the news, only to find out that it's really Mystique. He sees this because Kelly's eyes flash yellow, like Mystique's. Now, he saw this on national television. If Cyclops noticed this, then certainly anybody else watching would have also noticed that the Senator's eyes flashed yellow. And for anyone who says that it could be explained via 'colour distortion,' certainly the reporters who were actually there would have seen his eyes change color, even for a split second.


Correction: They noticed it because they were looking for it. They know Kelly is dead, so they assume it's Mystique. For one thing, they paused the frame, and for another thing the camera pushed in on the T.V. making the image appear bigger than it would be just watching it from your living room. As for anyone there, it was a bust scene. If anyone thought they saw it, for a spilt-second, why would they think it wasn't a trick of the light. The reporters don't know Kelly is dead, and they know nothing about Mystique.

Corrected entry: Credit to the film makers for giving Wolverine a Canadian Dog Tag to wear (as opposed to the multiple tags as worn by U.S. soldiers). Unfortunately, Wolverine is wearing the bottom half of a broken Canadian Dog Tag which has been engraved upside down. A Canadian dog tag is one piece with two halves designed to be broken in half on a horizontal score across its centre. The top half has two holes (one in each corner) for the chain to pass through and remains with a deceased soldier. The bottom half, which is not attached to a chain, although it has a long slot centred at the bottom, is returned for registration. Wolverine wears the bottom half of a Canadian Dog tag, the half which would be removed or lost when the tag is broken (this is easily identified by the long slot at the bottom, which the way he wears it is at the top where he has the chain passing through it). Even if Wolverine had somehow lost the top of his dog tag and kept the bottom, the name engraved would be upside down when he has it hanging from the bottom slot. Also, a Canadian dog tag is not worn on a small chain hanging from the neck chain - they hang directly from the neck chain. The dog tag should also say CDN FORCES CDN under his name (if it was printed right side up in the first place). Another interesting bit of trivia about this...his Dog Tag has a Social Insurance Number as opposed to a Service Number - which indicates he served prior to the re - introduction of service numbers in 1991. Also, since his Social Insurance Number begins with the number 4, we know he was born in the province of Ontario. Good effort on detail, if not 100% right on all counts.


Correction: We see in the second movie that Wolverine was not in the armed services and his dog tag was actually a result of the experiment with Stryker and his adamantium skeleton. Seeing as that Stryker is not one to play by all the rules, it can be said that he didn't care about whether he hooked up the right side to the chain or not.

Corrected entry: Magneto's entire plan revolves around placing the Mutation Device in the torch of the Statue of Liberty, even going as far as to have Toad fix up a replica of the torch bottom. Yet when they get to Liberty Island, they leave the real bottom of the torch on the ground in plain sight, and the false bottom that Toad painted is very off-color. After such a cunning plan, they made such foolish and obvious mistakes?

Correction: These mistakes would not be obvious to those on Ellis Island. The only people remaining on Liberty Island were the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants and they all knew the plan anyway. It would be impossible to be perfect in any plan, but it only has to be good enough to work. Imperfect is more realistic.

Corrected entry: In the chess game at the end of the film, both of Xavier's bishops are on clear squares as opposed to one on clear, one on frosted.

Correction: This is possible. When a pawn reaches the back file it does not become a queen, it becomes any piece the player wishes. We only see the endgame so Xavier could have lost his frosted bishop and promoted a pawn to a bishop on a clear square.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the X-Men are trapped inside the Statue of Liberty, Wolverine slides down the outside and stabs his claws right through the wall to stop himself falling, and they go in between Jean Grey and Cyclops' faces, which you see from the inside. In the next shot, you see Wolverine on the outside and he stabs his claws through again, to start climbing back up. If you watch where his hand goes, surely he would have stabbed Jean Grey in the head!

Correction: He never stabs his claw though it again, he climbs the rest of the way up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jean Grey is examining Wolverine, he attacks her and she is panting heavily, however her mouth movements do not match the breathing. At one point there is a loud pant and her mouth is obviously closed.

Correction: It is Wolverine who is breathing hard.

Corrected entry: In the third scene of the movie, Dr. Jean Grey is speaking before the Senate. Senator Kelly interrupts her by calling her Miss Grey. Later on in the movie, he refers to her as Dr. Grey, which shows that he knows her status as a doctor. Most people, especially of his station, would know better than to ever call someone with a Doctorate degree "Miss" instead of "Doctor".

Correction: Senator Kelly does this on purpose; he is deliberately being degrading to her in front of the Assembly to show he doesn't have respect for her, her position, or her opinions on mutants.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine first comes into Professor X's room, there are students there, then they leave through the door. One girl turns back for something, then runs THROUGH the door. Maybe she can change her own molecular structure, but what about that of her backpack? Her clothes might not be real--like the men's suit Mystique appears to wear when she's Gyrich - but surely the backpack is.


Correction: The girl who went through the door was Kitty Pryde (she had more scenes in the movie, but they were deleted). Her mutant power is the ability to phase through solid objects. This power also transcends to anything that is physically touching her, like the back pack.

Corrected entry: At the end where Magneto and Xavier are playing chess, the professor moves his rook in the same row as Magneto's king, Magneto has to either A. move his king or B. block it somehow because he is in check, but Magneto instead takes Xavier's pawn with his knight.

Correction: If Magneto doesn't want to do A or B, he can C. take the rook that is menacing his king. Magneto does that with another rook. Then the professor moves his pawn, Magneto takes it with his knight, the professor takes it with another pawn and... check mate!

Corrected entry: When Sabertooth kills the harbour patrol guard he throws the guard down right next to him and looks at him for a few seconds, you then get a shot of Sabertooth taken from the water and this gives you a large area around Sabertooth to see. Sabertooth begins to walk off and the dead guard is no longer there even though no attempts to move the guard out of sight were made. Where did the guard go?


Correction: The guard is still there with the rocks.

Corrected entry: When Wolverine shows the middle claw to Cyclops at the Statue of Liberty, you can't hear the sound when he retracts it. Still the claw is gone in the next scene.

Correction: We saw in the bar scene that he can extend the claws silently, so there's no reason why he shouldn't be able to retract them silently, too. Although it is kind of odd for him to do that at that point, it's still possible within the context of the movie.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Rouge stays after class to talk to Storm. Pyro's frozen fire ball has disappeared.


Correction: This is a deleted scene, and thus really has no bearing as a mistake, though one could guess that it melted as class progressed.

Corrected entry: Why is Storm only limited to lightning blasts when Magneto traps the X-Men inside the Statue of Liberty? Couldn't she just conjure up a windstorm? And why couldn't Jean Grey do anything as well?


Correction: Lightning bolts were her only damaging attack that were precise enough to hit only Magneto. Simply pushing him out would be ineffective as he can use his magnetic ability to simulate flying by pushing off the EM field of Earth.

Corrected entry: When Cyclops is at the train station looking at the train schedule board you can see a boy looking at his viser. The boy is rather chubby-cheeked. Then when Cyclops looks down at the boy and smile the kid smiles back, but this boy is a thinner than the kid in the first shot. then in the next shot when the boy's mother drags him away it is the same chubby-cheeked kid from the first shot.

Correction: There are two kids with the mother.

Corrected entry: When Logan found Rogue after she ran away, he comforted her by touching the back of her head with his hand, letting her rest her head on his shoulder. Granted he was wearing a jacket, but he still had his hand on her, touching her. Shouldn't Rogue start absorbing his powers?

Correction: She was wearing a hooded sweatshirt. Her head was in the hood the entire time. Logan never actually touched her head or her hair (which wouldn't matter since it doesn't occur through her hair).

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[Trapped inside the Statue of Liberty.]
Cyclops: Storm, fry him!
Magneto: Oh yes! A bolt of lightening into a huge copper conductor. I thought you lived at a school?



When Wolverine crashes into the tree knocked over by Sabertooth, notice that the entire front of the truck gets completely folded up and the windshield breaks into a thousand pieces. In the next frame, Wolverine gets thrown through the unbroken windshield and the front of the truck is practically undamaged...



During the last half hour of the movie, when the four X-Men are leaving in the jet, Logan says, "You actually go outside in these things?" to which Cyclops replies, "Well, what would you prefer, yellow spandex?" In the comics, Logan's outfit is yellow spandex.