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Continuity mistake: When Mulder and Scully start frantically running from the bees inside the dome Scully is clearly seen untying her belt twice. (01:01:55)

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Continuity mistake: As Mulder and Scully enter into the building that houses the bees is seems Mulder's tie gets blown over his right shoulder and then he is seen inside and it is over his left shoulder. (01:00:30)

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Continuity mistake: At the end, Scully is talking with the OPR people. Her suit is dark blue like in the first meeting. The next shot she goes out to meet Mulder. She is wearing another suit. That one is a different cut and is a very dark green. (01:50:10)


Continuity mistake: When Stevie the little boy is in the cave, there are basically two shots: One from behind his three friends looking down, and one from Stevie's perspective, looking up. Every time we look down into the cave there is quite a lot of sand trickling down, but when we are with Stevie in the cave looking up, there's no sign of it. (00:06:25)


Continuity mistake: In Mulder's apartment hallway, when he and Scully are about to kiss, she let out one tear from her right eye. The next shot we see Scully, the trail of the tear has disappeared and also has the tear. (01:13:18)


Continuity mistake: In the spaceship, Mulder unbuttons Scully's jacket to perform CPR on her. The coat is undone about 13 cm under her chin. Later, it is clear that the coat is buttoned up again, up to under her chin. (01:42:05)


Continuity mistake: When Mulder and Scully stop by the fence after chasing the tanker trucks in Texas, Mulder takes out a map, opens it then folds it and looks at it closely. The map looks folded differently in the two subsequent shots, then is shown wide open again in the third shot when Mulder starts folding it again.


Continuity mistake: In the Dallas lab, Mulder takes the test-tube that contains the fossils and give it to Scully. Then, he gives it to her again. (00:46:42)


Continuity mistake: In the bee dome, Mulder yield at Scully: "Give me your hand!" He grabs her wrist. The next shot his hand is touching her shoulder and drops in her back. The next shot, he is holding her hand. (01:04:30)

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Continuity mistake: When examining the body of one of the four fallen firemen from the explosion, Scully is wearing a dark grey suit. In the close-up shot of her hand with rubber glove, the arm is wearing a white doctor's coat. (00:37:40)

Continuity mistake: When Mulder has Scully thrown over his shoulder and has to set her down to perform CPR when she stops breathing, her hair is pasted over the side of her face. Then, all of a sudden, the hair is gone. When Scully starts breathing again, Mulder smooths back her hair, and in the very next shot, the clump of hair is back. (01:42:30)

Continuity mistake: At the beginning where Mulder and Scully are on the roof searching for the bomb, you can clearly see Scully gripping the door knob and she holds it. When Mulder tries to grab the same door knob, Scully gets out of the way and crosses her arms. The next thing you see is Scully with her arms uncrossed. (00:14:13)

Continuity mistake: While Mulder climbs down the inside of the spaceship, when he enters the second hole he wears gloves but when he falls out of if the gloves are gone. (01:27:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Mulder encounters the Well-Manicured Man, all doors of the limousine are closed. However, in the next shot the driver's door is open. (01:17:25)

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Continuity mistake: When Mulder and Scully start frantically running from the bees inside the dome Scully is clearly seen untying her belt twice. (01:01:55)

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Special Agent Fox Mulder: Scully, you gotta see this. Scully.

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Trivia: Early on in the film, just after Fox notices that the toilet in the bar is out of order and he goes outside - as he is relieving himself, he is facing a poster for Independence Day - another movie about alien invasion. Chris Carter, the producer of the X-Files, hated Independence Day and so had Mulder relieve himself nearby deliberately.

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Question: I am a big X-files fan, but there is something in this movie that I think I may have missed in the series - can someone help me out? We are told in the series that Mulder doesn't drink. One time when he is getting drunk in a hotel room on his own, it is because of a strange planetary alignment and he himself finds it odd that he is drinking. My question is, when did he abandon this and start going out and drowning his sorrows on his own? I'm confused - maybe I missed the memo?

Answer: Mulder has just hit rock bottom and is questioning just about everything at this point, so drinking is not really out of character.

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