The X-Files Movie

Scully is kidnapped after she's infected with the virus by one of the bees from the corn-field. Mulder is shot in the head and is apparently dead, but he soon recovers and recives the antivirus and the location where Scully is by the guy that killed Martin Landau. Soon after that, he's killed by a bomb in his car. After that, Mulder heads to Antartica (which is where Scully is)and discovers an alien facility where the ones that have been infected are held. Mulder gives Scully the antidote and infects the facility by doing it. Mulder and Scully try to escape from the facility which was actually a ship. The facility/ship leaves earth and Mulder and Scully survive and return to do what they do. After that the Cigarrette Man delivers a letter to a man, the letter said "X-Files re-opened". Then we see a closing shot of the same corn-field that Mulder and Scully saw... except that this one is in the Nairobi Desert.


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