Red Notice

Red Notice (2021)


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Nolan Booth: It doesn't matter what you do, only matters what they think you've done.

Nolan Booth: The most important part of any plan is a good night's sleep.

John Hartley: You know what I think is funny, Booth?
Nolan Booth: Vin Diesel's audition tape for Cats? It exists.

The Bishop: There is one last thing you should know. Trusting a thief can be dangerous.

The Bishop: I'm so focused on winning all the time, on being the best at what I do, that I can never just fully relax and just be.

John Hartley: We're not partners. This is a marriage of convenience.
Nolan Booth: I want a divorce and I'm keeping the kids.

Nolan Booth: This whole time you were working for her?
John Hartley: Not for, with. Like partners.
The Bishop: Yeah, we're both The Bishop. Surprise.
John Hartley: There are two bishops in chess.
The Bishop: And a whole lotta pawns.

The Bishop: It's so rare in my line of work to find someone who's just there to listen.

Continuity mistake: When Hartley arrives at the Russian prison, as he's led down the corridor the handcuffs are around both his wrists with the double bars facing out, chained at the center, but when the handcuffs are removed in his cell note the handcuff is on the opposite way around his right wrist. (00:22:20)

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