Trivia: When Michael and Milo battle for the first time, you hear Milo repeatedly chant "Michael, Michael." It's probably my own cerebral connection, but I can't ignore the funny reference to the Lost Boys (1987) in which the main vampire (brilliantly played by Kiefer Sutherland) also chants 'Michael, oh Michael' to Michael Emerson (Jason Patric), Sam's (Corey Haim) brother, when Michael is slowly turning into a "sh*tsucking vampire" .


Trivia: A couple times in the film, Morbius can be seen wearing a black coat with a purple lining. These are the colors of the updated outfit he acquired in Morbius #1.

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Trivia: When the Daily Bugle is shown with the main article of Morbius being apprehended for murder, in the top right corner of the paper you can read "Black Cat: Friend or Foe?" This is a reference to the antihero and frequent Spider-Man ally Black Cat. Sony had previously attempted to develop a movie featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable, which would have been called "Silver and Black." This could be Sony planting the seeds of bringing the character to screen, or it may just be an Easter egg.

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Trivia: After the film's disappointing initial release, it became something of a meme online, with people making funny posts inspired by its poor reception. (Often with the humorous catchphrase "It's Morbin' time!" attached) The studio attempted to capitalize on this by re-releasing the film on 1,000 screens on Friday, June 3, 2022, hoping that it would get a second wind from its online infamy. This tactic backfired spectacularly, with the film only earning a dismal $300,000 over the weekend.


Trivia: The name of the ship where Morbius does his research is "Murnau", as in F.W. Murnau, a German film director whose movie "Nosferatu" (1922) is the first vampire film ever made.

Trivia: Spoiler alert! After the credits roll there are two extra scenes, one with Michael Keaton transported from the MCU, in a cell complaining about the food, and another with him in his Vulture costume from Spider-Man: Homecoming, suggesting teaming up with Morbius.

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Trivia: When Martine is reading the Daily Bugle on the bus, the text in the upper right corner makes reference to the Spider-Man villain Chameleon.

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Trivia: Although this is his debut film appearance, Morbius was nearly chosen to be the main antagonist of 2002's Blade II, with him also being glimpsed in an alternate ending for the first Blade film.

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Plot hole: It appeared there was ample time for Milo to apply the so much desired 'cure' that Michael warned him about. Milo is no doctor and did not witness Michael's application procedure. Milo could have never known the precise way to perform the risky procedure, let alone he had assistance from anyone other than Martine.


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Martine Bancroft: Michael, what's happening?
Dr. Michael Morbius: I went from dying... to feeling more alive than ever. Increased strength and speed... the ability to use echolocation... and an overpowering urge to consume blood.

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Question: How fast and strong is Morbius and how can he fly, since he doesn't have the wings of a bat?

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