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Vulture meets Morbius and suggests they team up to do some good, but he also mentions that he has friends who are eager to meet Spider-Man. The alternate ending sets up a Sinister Six movie team-up. The potential members could be Vulture, Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Morbius, and possibly Mysterio if he's still alive.

Plot hole: Vulture from the MCU is pulled into the Venomverse due to the spell cast by Doctor Strange in No Way Home. This is absurd. The first spell pulled characters from other universes into the MCU, while the second spell brought the characters back to their proper universes. Neither of these spells involved pulling characters out of the MCU and into the other universes. Vulture of the MCU was already in his proper universe. No explanation is provided for this.

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Suggested correction: If you look it's been clear that Strange's spell wasn't perfect. Eddie being brought into the MCU when he had no idea who Spider-man was...nor did he die. Electro's new-look and having no idea who Spider-man was. If anything Clea, in MOM basically said he messed up. So that last spell didn't fix things. It's clear this is what they are building towards. Nothing is fixed. Either way it isn't a plot hole for this movie. Post credit scenes are usually teases for other movies to explain.

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Dr. Michael Morbius: How far are we allowed to fix something that's broken?
Mentor: Until the remedy is worse than the disease.

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Trivia: When the Daily Bugle is shown with the main article of Morbius being apprehended for murder, in the top right corner of the paper you can read "Black Cat: Friend or Foe?" This is a reference to the antihero and frequent Spider-Man ally Black Cat. Sony had previously attempted to develop a movie featuring Black Cat and Silver Sable, which would have been called "Silver and Black." This could be Sony planting the seeds of bringing the character to screen, or it may just be an Easter egg.

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Question: How fast and strong is Morbius and how can he fly, since he doesn't have the wings of a bat?

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