Halloween Kills

Continuity mistake: In the 1978 flashback scene, Michael does not have 6 bullet wounds in his chest from when Dr. Loomis shot him moments earlier.

Plot hole: Tommy leads the mob after the 2nd escaped patient, thinking it's Michael, but Tommy should have known it wasn't Michael. He saw the patient on the TV at the bar at the beginning of the film.


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Trivia: There are 12 jack-o-lanterns in the opening credits. Somewhat appropriate, as this is actually the 12th film in the overall franchise.


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Answer: It was his own personal man cave, he was born and raised there. It was the only place he felt safe and secure. In just about every "Halloween" film he always returned to his home. It belonged to him. I personally believe Karen went there to get a feel for the place, trying to make sense of everything. Why does a normal kid turn into a ruthless killing machine, was it just him or was it the house itself.

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