Willow (1988)

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Corrected entry: When Willow shows off some magic after he puts the stick through his arm, you see some kids from the village. Look closely at the upper right hand side of the screen you can see a boy, (not one of the midgets), who is wearing a navy blue T-shirt. This boy looks larger than Willow and looks like he is not part of the scene. (00:10:25)

Correction: The young man is a midget, and is watching the show and clapping with the crowd. His clothes are consistent with the other villagers. He is taller than Willow, but there are several others in the crowd who are as tall or taller.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: When the beast-dog attacks the Nelvin village Vonkar stabs it with a spear, and is thrown back. After he lands you can see he has another spear attached to his belt. Then another Nelvin has to throw him a spear so he can finish the beast off.

Correction: That is because it was quicker for someone to throw him a spear, then it would have been to pull one from his belt.

Bruce Minnick

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