Stillwater (2021)


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Answer: The new DNA evidence may have been enough to cast DOUBT on her guilt, result in the court revision, and result in her release, but I don't think anyone else (at least not in the movie) was found guilty of the murder. That is, doubt of her guilt is not in itself proof of her innocence. In fact, Allison played at least an indirect role in the murder by giving the man her gold "Stillwater" necklace and promising him money if he would "get rid" of her roommate. Allison told her dad she didn't want the man to kill her roommate, but her use of the words "get rid of" her roommate doesn't exactly make her innocent. Allison seemed to accept her indirect (at minimum) role and was relieved to be released. In general, provided the courts followed proper procedures in acquiring a conviction, the courts are not liable for so-called "wrongful convictions." Even when the burden of proof is "beyond a REASONABLE doubt", there's always the possibility of SOME doubt. This may not answer everything.


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