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Question: Why didn't the lady who was originally with Mid-Size Sedan decay quicker, and we were able to see her body intact when she hit young Trent in the water?

Answer: Because she was 'freshly' dead when she hit Trent.

Question: Why didn't Mid Size Sedan age sooner since he was there longer than the others?

Answer: I submitted this answer previously, but it was deleted for maybe appearing to be inappropriate. The reason for his slower aging is addressed in the film when he says "Black don't crack." Black people tend to age better than other people in real life, due to having a higher production of melanin and other factors.

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Answer: Guests with medical conditions were given drugs in their drinks, and so they didn't age as fast as the others did.

The drugs had nothing to do with aging. The whole point was that they aged fast.

Chosen answer: Trent admitted to having sex with her, stating that he thought people had to have sex around 10 times for pregnancy to happen, to which Guy told him it only takes one time.

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Answer: She and Trent had sex. It just wasn't shown but implied.


Question: Why didn't the people going through the cave on the way in, experience the same mental effect as when they tried to leave?

Answer: It's just like the difference between swimming downstream and swimming upstream. It's tough to bring yourself out against the gradient.

Revealing mistake: The "Anamika Resort" van isn't quite in sync with the road it is supposed to be traveling on. A side view shows the van is traveling straight ahead, but a shift to a front view shows the road behind the van is curved to the right. The same thing happens a little later, except the road is curved to the left. (00:01:19)


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Charles: I am a doctor.
Jarin: I am a nurse. My name is Jarin.

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Trivia: The driver of the hotel van service taking the guests to their secluded beach is none other than the director M. Night Shyamalan. He has a speaking role in this movie as well.

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