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Old is an M. Night Shyamalan movie about various families that seek a vacation getaway after receiving terrible news, and end up on a beack were they quickly die of murder and age-related illnesses. High tension/stress and unthinkable questions make this movie a return to form for the director, including a seeming innocent cameo. Give it a good watch.

Erik M.

Not the best movie by the director, but its good.

Revealing mistake: The "Anamika Resort" van isn't quite in sync with the road it is supposed to be traveling on. A side view shows the van is traveling straight ahead, but a shift to a front view shows the road behind the van is curved to the right. The same thing happens a little later, except the road is curved to the left. (00:01:19)


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Prisca: There's something wrong with this beach.

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Trivia: The driver of the hotel van service taking the guests to their secluded beach is none other than the director M. Night Shyamalan. He has a speaking role in this movie as well.

Tricia Webster Premium member

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Question: Why didn't the lady who was originally with Mid-Size Sedan decay quicker, and we were able to see her body intact when she hit young Trent in the water?

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