Don't Tell a Soul

Trivia: Many people are familiar with the "Stockholm Syndrome" wherein hostages or kidnapping victims develop a connection with their offenders - they identify with or feel empathy for the people holding them captive. The "Stockholm Syndrome" is also known as "capture bonding." Its lesser-known opposite (or inverse) is called the "Lima Syndrome" - the hostage-takers or kidnappers start identifying with or "feeling for" their victims; they bond. This movie portrays BOTH, but with a different crime.


Factual error: The manner in which "Hamby" fell into the hole (or well) did not reflect physics or reality. He was running/chasing Joey and Matt. Whenever one walks or runs, one's feet are never straight down together (like standing), so only one foot could have been over the hole or failed to clear it. Hamby should have tripped and fallen over (face forward) with his upper body landing past the hole. This should have kept him from falling straight down into the hole (as if dropped from above the hole).


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