Don't Tell a Soul

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Other mistake: In the opening scene where Joey is breaking into Ms. Dillard's house, he quickly smashed a window with his flashlight and immediately crawled through the window - without checking to see if shattered glass fragments were still in or around the frame. Despite his carelessness, he did not even get a cut on his hands or elsewhere, which would be almost impossible under the circumstances.


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Trivia: Many people are familiar with the "Stockholm Syndrome" wherein hostages or kidnapping victims develop a connection with their offenders - they identify with or feel empathy for the people holding them captive. The "Stockholm Syndrome" is also known as "capture bonding." Its lesser-known opposite (or inverse) is called the "Lima Syndrome" - the hostage-takers or kidnappers start identifying with or "feeling for" their victims; they bond. This movie portrays BOTH, but with a different crime.


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