What Lies Beneath

Trivia: Right at the end, in fact the very last frame, you can see a face in the snow as the shot fades out.

Trivia: Robert Zemeckis filmed most of this movie during a halt in the filming of "Cast Away."

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Trivia: There are more than a few Hitchcock references in this movie. Most notably Harrison Ford's character - Norman (Psycho), suspecting the neighbour of murdering his wife (Rear Window), Michelle Pfeiffer falling in the shower and pulling the shower curtain down with her (Psycho). There are many others if you watch for them.

Trivia: When Claire goes to Madison's house, there is a framed picture of Madison and underneath it, there is a newspaper clipping from "The Guardian" that is very prominant. This certainly signifies what Madison was to Claire.

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Trivia: There are quite a few close-up scenes filmed through glass, on the floor, with the camera on the bottom side and the actors on the top side. For example, when Claire is paralysed, Norman bends down and talks to her before picking her up and carrying her upstairs - when they are downstairs, Claire is lying on glass with the camera filming her from below.


Continuity mistake: When Harrison Ford is watching his wife laying in the bathtub ready to drown, the camera shoots her head several times between cutaways to Ford and the running water. Watch her head relative to the top of the tub in the various shots. In some her head is much higher than in others yet her body never moves.

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Claire Spencer: That girl must be brought up.

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