The Wedding Singer

Corrected entry: The trombone the Boy George lookalike used had a very obvious trigger, an invention from the early 90's, and an emptying flap from circa 1995, two things I'm sure a 1985 trombone would not have.

Correction: I bought a (very) secondhand trombone in 1991 with both a trigger and emptying flap. Neither of these were new inventions at that time.

Corrected entry: When Adam Sandler is depressed because Linda did not show up for the wedding, the little boy comes in with a picture of Linda and Robbie that he has drawn on. When you see it, it is white but in the next shot the picture is on it.

Correction: Isn't that simply because the kid was holding the poster away from Sandler until he got close enough to show it to him?

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: As Robbie is purchasing his plane ticket to Las Vegas, the agent says "The next flight leaves in the morning." It's easy to see sunlight streaming through the terminal windows, so one can assume that Frank and Rosie's anniversary party, which Robbie attended and rushed to the airport from, was held during the day or very early evening. So why did Robbie rush off with his plane ticket, as if he were going to miss his flight? He barely had time to say goodbye to Sammy and Holly.


Correction: The airline employee tells him there's a flight in 10 minutes but it cost a ton of money. Otherwise the next flight out is in the morning, which will be too late. Robbie is rushing to catch the flight about to leave.


Corrected entry: Where does Robbie get the guitar from when he's on the plane? He didn't have any hand luggage with him.

Correction: It's Billy Idol's.

Corrected entry: During the "Love Stinks" song, Robbie has the first man sing the main line and he tries to grab the microphone. In the next shot, he is eating something.


Correction: He tries to grab the mike with his left hand. The food is in his right hand even before Robbie comes over. He was about to eat it.


Correction: Not everyone follows the current style of dress and hairstyle at any time. Also, since styles run in cycles, she could conceivably be behind the times as much as ahead of the time.

Corrected entry: On the way to the airport, Robbie wrote the song, (Grow old with you) and when he is singing it into the airplane microphone, Billy Idol has to hold up the music for him. But later in the song he is walking around the plane and singing it, but he needed the music.

Correction: Considering that he just wrote it and was studying the music and lyrics, I think it's safe to say he memorized part of it.

Corrected entry: At the first wedding right after Robbie is jilted, the fat man he talks about is all alone at the table throughout the whole bit. Then when Robbie starts singing 'Love Stinks' and goes over to the fat man's table, there are other people seated with him.


Correction: Even in the first few close-up shots of the fat guy, you can see the arms of the man in red to his right and the woman in black on his left.

Corrected entry: When Robbie is mentioning all the people that will never find someone to be with at the wedding he sings at after he gets dumped he starts singing Love Stinks. He goes over to the overweight character and puts the microphone in his face and the character replies 'love stinks', the character gets into the song and trys to grab the microphone from Robbie and when he does you see a wedding band on his left ring finger.

Correction: The fact that the man wears a wedding band on his finger does not negate the possibility that he is upset or sad about his personal situation. It is a perfectly realistic situation if he is either separated or divorced from his wife, which would make him feel depressed and very down on the idea of love or ever finding the right someone to be with.

Super Grover

Corrected entry: When George plays a clarinet during the bar mitzvah, the mouthpiece that holds the clarinet reed in place is backwards. The screws that are showing in the front should be on the other side of the mouth piece.

Correction: The object you're referring to is called a ligature, and screw-configurations of both types exist. It depends on the brand you buy.

Matty Blast

Corrected entry: After Linda stands Robbie up at the wedding, his friend says that Robbie has been wanting to get married since the 3rd grade. Then Robbie's sister mentions that that was the year their parents died, which would make Robbie 8 at the time. Later, when attending Julia's engagement party, Robbie tells a guest that his parents died when he was 10, which would be 5th grade.

Lisa 176

Correction: He could have been 8 or 9 in third grade, depending on his birthday. And if he has previously had to re-do first or second grade, he could have been 10 in third grade.


Factual error: In the scene where we first meet Rosie, it opens with a shot of the house and then goes inside, passing by some pictures of Rosie and her husband. One of them, a picture of their wedding, says "Frank and Rosie - Wedding 1948", but then when Rosie is talking about how her husband will know how much she still loves him after all those years, Robbie says that he hopes that he and Linda will be as happy as Rosie and her husband on their 50th anniversary. If they got married in 1948, they would be closer to their 40th wedding anniversary. Since the movie is supposed to take place in 1985, this would actually be their 37th wedding anniversary. (00:12:10)

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Julia: You're an asshole. [Storms off crying.]
Robbie: [Seeing that she left him a gift.] I AM AN ASSHOLE!

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Chosen answer: How his parents died is never mentioned.

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