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Corrected entry: When the mariner questions the woman about the little girl's drawings, she says "she's like a mirror, she draws what she sees." Later she claims the mariner "has things no one else has seen" like "that reflective glass". What do you think a mirror is, woman? And why do they have "normal glass" and not "reflective glass"?

Correction: The term "mirror" and an actual mirror don't have to be called the same thing especilly when Helen has never seen an actual mirror. To Helen, it's quite possible that a mirror is a reflection from the water.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't the Jet-Ski's be useless as there wouldn't be any fuel available for them if all the land is flooded in water?

Correction: The Smoker's HQ is the Exxon Valdez, which is partially full of crude oil. They are cracking it into gasoline.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: At one point, the mariner trades a handful of dirt for water and a potted plant that has more dirt in it than he originally traded.

Correction: Most likely considering the circumstances, the plant was not planted in dirt. More likely some other less expensive medium.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Costner and friends do find land, it turns out to be Mt. Everest. This establishes the sea level at that time. Using that and going back to the middle of the movie, we see Costner diving into the ruins of a city where skyscrapers are evident. The tallest skyscraper is approximately 1800 feet high, which would leave a difference of, say, 4 miles underwater. It would be pitch black at that depth and the water pressure would kill a human that far down, gills or no gills.

Correction: We have no idea how long in the future this movie takes place, assuming earth should reach its maximum human holding capacity in about 2025, it is not out of the question that skyscrapers could exist at a higher altitude. Also, there would not be nearly enough water to cover the earth to that depth. This leaves the requirement that the mountains have to sink, entirely possible due to the pressures of the changing water levels, or tectonic disturbance.

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: Paper is seemingly a rare commodity in Waterworld, but all the bad guys run around smoking cigarettes all the time.

Correction: True, but the Mariner and the old Scientist are the only ones who show any interest in it. The average population probably doesn't care, making it not too valuble even though its rare. Also, the smoker leader is seen throwing cigarettes out of cartons. These are pre-deluge cigs, not hand rolled.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: If dirt is so hard to find, why are all of the characters so filthy?

Correction: It's rust, not dirt all over them. The big metal island and the Valdez are very rusty. Run your hand over extremely rusty metal and you will get an orange\brown stain. It looks like dirt from a little ways away.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Can planes, boats and jet-skis run on plain crude oil? There's no real petrol ever mentioned.

Correction: Crude oil isn't particularly difficult to turn into gasoline. Especially if the Valdez originally had a chemical engineer on board and passed on his knowledge to the descendants.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: Since Earth is covered by a salty ocean, fresh water is treated as a rare, expensive commodity. This makes no sense, because the human body requires a certain amount of fresh water each day just to survive. If whole populations are sustaining themselves, this means that they have access to fresh drinking water reliably each day. Regardless of how people ration their fresh water, it won't be enough to sustain all those people for a year, much less through generations of people so that they would forget about the flooding of cities.

Correction: I guess you never heard of rain water or condensation? There are plenty of ways to collect fresh water, enough for every individual to have enough to sustain himself/herself at least. If an individual can collect fresh water for himself a community can do it much more efficient, collecting more fresh water than they actually need and therefor can trade with others. Eventually a community can even find ways to filter salt water. There were probably hard times where people were forced to drink their own urine, but still its not impossible for humans to survive a world of salt water over many generations.


Corrected entry: In the opening scene where Mariner is sailing his boat into the distance, land can quite clearly be seen on the horizon up ahead.

Correction: That's not land, it's the empty space of sky between the horizon and the clouds. You can see the same effect later in the movie more when the 3 are eating the sea monster on the boat.


Corrected entry: The Exxon Valdez is designed to carry crude oil. Crude has to be refined into higher octane products to be used in jet skis, automobiles, etc. The refining process is difficult and requires large amounts of power. It would be impossible to do on the tanker itself. And it is extremely unlikely that the smokers would have come across high octane products on another ship. They tend to be refined near to their consumers and not shipped around.

Correction: Stating that it would be impossible is supposition, it would be possible to have a small refinery on the tanker - producing just enough fuel to keep the smokers running. The main components in a refinery are a furnace to heat the crude and a distilling tank to separate the petroleum products.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: The woman and the little girl escape with Kevin Costner off the metal island in a big hurry and can be seen taking no bags or clothes with them. Why then, in a later scene aboard Kevin Costner's boat, does the woman have a completely different dress on from the one she escaped in?

Correction: It is quite possible that there was a woman's dress aboard Kevin Costner's boat already and the woman just changed into it. Since the clothes they are wearing are a lot like rags, the individual bits and pieces can be rearranged easily so as to look like a different dress. It is also possible that the woman was wearing 2 (or more) sets of clothes simultaneously while escaping from the metal island and simply took one off.

Correction: She was stitching something together in the movie, while on the boat shortly after he chops thier hair off, it could have been the other dress.

Corrected entry: Why did Costner's character have to use that timer thing to gauge how long he is underwater? He has gills so he should be able to breathe underwater therefore he wouldn't have to limit his exploring time so much.


Correction: The timer was to trigger the winch to pull up all the loot.

Correction: My theory on this is so he can make sure his awesome boat isn't left unattended for too long but that's just my thoughts.

Correction: Considering how scarce fresh water is and how easy it is to desalinate seawater, there could be chemicals in the sea after the war. Maybe the he sets the timer because he knows that staying down much longer will make him sick.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: Could be he was timing for the sleeping cycle of the large sea creatures roaming the oceans. He doesn't want to be caught so deep when those things show up.


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Helen: It's not what you think. They weren't after her.
Mariner: I saw what I saw.
Helen: What?
Mariner: No more lies. What are the marks on her back?
Helen: People-people say it's the way to Dryland.
Helen: No. You said that you know where it is. You did.
Mariner: Then you're a fool to believe in something you've never even seen before.
Helen: I've seen it. I've touched it. Dirt that was richer and darker than yours. It was in the basket we found Enola in.
Mariner: It doesn't exist!
Helen: Well, how can you be so sure?
Mariner: Because, I've sailed further than most have dreamed and I've never seen it.
Helen: But the things on your boat.
Mariner: Things on my boat what?
Helen: There are things on your boat that nobody has ever seen. What are these shells? And the music box? And the reflecting glass? Well, if not from Dryland then where? Where?
Mariner: You want to see Dryland? You really want to see it? I'll take you to Dryland.

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Trivia: The land they end up finding at the end of the movie was in fact to be the tip of Mount Everest. I know this because I once saw a copy of the movie where they discovered the plaque left behind by the first climbers of the mountain and it said it was Mount Everest. This was the movie's broadcast premiere on ABC in 1998, and up until recently, the plaque was never shown on-screen again.


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Question: Why did they burn the Mariners boat? Wouldn't it have made more sense to capture it and use it for themselves? They know they are gonna run out of "Go Juice" at some point so why not use the fastest sail boat to find dry land?

Answer: Most likely to make sure that the Mariner and Helen couldn't follow them and rescue Enola. They were trying to find Dryland and if Enola was taken from them, they'd never be able to find it. Also the smokers ship was filled with people and using the Mariner's boat and constantly going back and forth from Dryland to the ship would have taken too long. Better to use the ship they're all on and get them there quicker. Also, none of the Smokers could read the map that was on Enola's back.

Answer: If they'd have captured it and took it for themselves then they wouldn't have been able to follow them either. They could have used the Trimaran to find dry land a lot faster than using the tanker. Once they'd found dry land, simply go back to the tanker and tell them where it is so the tanker can make its way there too.

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