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Waterworld invites the viewer to a story set upon an endless ocean in a distant, dystopian future as a disaster has left humanity adrift on a virtually landless, gray-green desaturated planet and its struggling inhabitants fight over the few remnants of resources left. Kevin Costner stars as the Mariner, a mutant human-like being that has adapted to survival on this wet "Mad Max" sea-scape, having webbed feet, gills and being essentially amphibious. The Mariner's path crosses a spirited woman called Helen and a gifted young girl named Enola with a tattoo on her back that may hold the key to a promised dry land, but a sinister high seas gangster named The Deacon wants to gain the child and conquer such a near-mythical place for himself. The Mariner reluctantly takes the pair aboard his vessel and along on his voyage in this grim, mostly ugly film that tries to buoy the dragging, sinking story-line with odd touches of humor, including awkward dialogue delivered by everyone, including Dennis Hopper as the villain. Over two hours long, mean-spirited and a bit meandering, Waterworld is notable as among the most expensive films attempted, having some imaginative action and set designs, an early role for Tina Majorino, plus spawning home video games, novelization and successful theme park attractions. Waterworld is not for everyone, but it paddles along and may entertain those who wondered what such a place might be like if such a global catastrophe ever happened.

Erik M.

Revealing mistake: In most of the underwater shots you can see bubbles coming up from the cameraman.

gandolfs dad
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Helen: It's not what you think. They weren't after her.
Mariner: I saw what I saw.
Helen: What?
Mariner: No more lies. What are the marks on her back?
Helen: People-people say it's the way to Dryland.
Helen: No. You said that you know where it is. You did.
Mariner: Then you're a fool to believe in something you've never even seen before.
Helen: I've seen it. I've touched it. Dirt that was richer and darker than yours. It was in the basket we found Enola in.
Mariner: It doesn't exist!
Helen: Well, how can you be so sure?
Mariner: Because, I've sailed further than most have dreamed and I've never seen it.
Helen: But the things on your boat.
Mariner: Things on my boat what?
Helen: There are things on your boat that nobody has ever seen. What are these shells? And the music box? And the reflecting glass? Well, if not from Dryland then where? Where?
Mariner: You want to see Dryland? You really want to see it? I'll take you to Dryland.

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Trivia: Prior to "Titantic" (1997), "Waterworld" was the most expensive movie (at $175 million) ever produced.

rabid anarchist
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Question: Why did they burn the Mariners boat? Wouldn't it have made more sense to capture it and use it for themselves? They know they are gonna run out of "Go Juice" at some point so why not use the fastest sail boat to find dry land?

Answer: If they'd have captured it and took it for themselves then they wouldn't have been able to follow them either. They could have used the Trimaran to find dry land a lot faster than using the tanker. Once they'd found dry land, simply go back to the tanker and tell them where it is so the tanker can make its way there too.

Answer: Most likely to make sure that the Mariner and Helen couldn't follow them and rescue Enola. They were trying to find Dryland and if Enola was taken from them, they'd never be able to find it. Also the smokers ship was filled with people and using the Mariner's boat and constantly going back and forth from Dryland to the ship would have taken too long. Better to use the ship they're all on and get them there quicker. Also, none of the Smokers could read the map that was on Enola's back.

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