Five Feet Apart
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Will: [To Stella] I'm sorry. I don't wanna go. All I want is to be with you... I need you to be safe from me... Could you close your eyes? I love you... so much. [Leaves] (01:46:16 - 01:47:00)


Will: God, you are beautiful, and brave.
Will: I wish I could touch you.

Stella: This whole time I've been living for my treatments, instead of doing my treatments so that I can live. And I wanna live.

Will: I'm tired of living without really living. I'm tired of wanting things. We can't have a lot of things. But we could have this.

Meredith: I like seeing you like this.
Will: Like what?
Meredith: Hopeful.

Will: Do you wanna hear my list?
Stella: No.
Will: Painting class with Bob Ross.
Will: He's dead, yeah.

Poe: I wanna - I wanna hug you.
Poe: Just pretend like I'm doing it right now.
Poe: I love you.
Stella: I love you too.

Other mistake: Will got wet saving Stella when she fell through the ice; both were exposed to the bitter cold long enough to suffer hypothermia. Despite their life-threatening ordeal (surely aggravating their chronic condition of cystic fibrosis), each proceeded as if it never happened. Stella immediately went into surgery for a double lung transplant and Will casually hung out in the waiting room. (01:33:27)


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