Lean on Pete

Trivia: Quarter horses, such as "Lean on Pete", are nicknamed "the world's fastest athletes" and are considered the world's most popular horse breed. They can (or should be able to) beat other breeds in quarter-mile (finished in 23 seconds) or shorter races. Speeds of 55 mph have been clocked - but only for short distances.


Continuity mistake: In the opening inside scene, Charley is by the front door, wearing baggy oversized gray jogging shorts. The side pocket slits are partially open, the legs are wide enough to fit three or four of Charley's legs, and the excess material around the waist is bunched. When the camera shows Charley coming out the door, his jogging shorts are slimmer/ more form-fitting and look more navy (or a darker gray) than gray. During his jogging, his shorts turn baggier for a while, then return to a slim fit. (00:02:05)

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