Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire (2021)

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Factual error: Lt. Harp is told by Capt. Leo that the Lieutenant has 56,000h of UAV flying time, That is ridiculous. Even seasoned pilots of the Military Airlift Command do not have that many hours. Drone pilots can fly up to 1,800 hours a year, and Harp hasn't been flying drones for 31 years straight.


Factual error: In the hearing, Harp said he completed his basic training 3 years ago at Parris Island. Harp is in the Air Force, and Parris Island is a boot camp for Marines. (00:07:43)

Other mistake: In the scene with Harp facing the hostage takers between the 2 trucks full of GUMPs, Harp's rifle has no trigger. (01:04:00)

Factual error: Numerous military-related flaws - incorrect military protocols (officers in formation with enlisted personnel), marching orders (the leader commands double time, but nobody runs), and unreturned salutes.


Factual error: The Captain fires his Glock and it's dry. Firstly once a Glock's magazine is depleted the slide is held back by the empty magazine and slide stop. Secondly he pressed the trigger twice and the gun made a clicking noise twice. Glocks are striker fired, when it's empty the trigger can only be pressed once and after that the trigger stays to the rear unless the slide is racked or a new magazine is inserted and the slide is racked or slide stop is depressed. (01:00:18 - 01:01:00)

Outside the Wire mistake picture

Character mistake: The woman with the AK-47 doesn't have the covers on the red dot optic open. In other words, she can't see her target.

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