Outside the Wire

Outside the Wire (2021)

Ending / spoiler

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Leo goes rogue - the whole time he was intending to gain control of the nukes for himself and launch a strike on the USA, and by doing so, prevent any use of advanced androids such as himself "for a long, long time". By removing humanity from war, he calculated, global conflict would increase, not decrease, and he wanted to kill millions to save hundreds of millions, drawing a parallel to Harp's actions at the start of the film, killing two soldiers to save 38. Harp insists that humanity can do better, kills Leo and authorises a drone strike on the missile complex. Leo is destroyed, and Harp escapes the blast, heading home wiser.

Jon Sandys

Other mistake: In the scene with Harp facing the hostage takers between the 2 trucks full of GUMPs, Harp's rifle has no trigger. (01:04:00)

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