A View to a Kill

Trivia: When Bond is speaking to Chuck Lee near the boat, a horn can be heard that plays the first notes of the James Bond theme song.

Trivia: The stylish hat that Miss Moneypenny wears at the Royal Ascot meeting was later donated for a charity auction by actress Lois Maxwell at a 1993 James Bond Fan Club event at Pinewood Studios.

Trivia: Tanya Roberts was cast in the role of Stacey Sutton after producer Cubby Broccoli was impressed by her performance in the film "The Beast Master."

Revealing mistake: When Patrick MacNee and Roger Moore are pushed into the lake in the Rolls Royce, you can clearly see the wire pulling the car into the water. It leaps out of the water as it takes the strain. (00:50:50)

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Max Zorin: This will hurt him more than me.

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