A View to a Kill

Trivia: When Bond is speaking to Chuck Lee near the boat, a horn can be heard that plays the first notes of the James Bond theme song.

Trivia: The stylish hat that Miss Moneypenny wears at the Royal Ascot meeting was later donated for a charity auction by actress Lois Maxwell at a 1993 James Bond Fan Club event at Pinewood Studios.

Trivia: This is Sir Roger Moore's least favourite Bond movie of the seven in which he appeared. He thought the movie was too violent and that he was too old to play the role. Moore also said that he felt there was no chemistry between him and Tanya Roberts, and had a genuine dislike for Grace Jones.

Continuity mistake: When Zorin is trying to break into the shed where Bond is, just after he's worked out what time high tide is, the door rattles, dropping a hard hat onto the ground, but leaving a red/yellow light/reflector hanging, quite securely. The door lock is also pointing down and right. A couple of shots later, without the door being rattled forcibly again, there's nothing hanging behind it, and the door lock is pointing right. (01:42:15)

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Tibbett, Sir Godfrey: Another wealthy owner?
James Bond: Who knows? But she certainly bares closer inspection.
Tibbett, Sir Godfrey: We're on a mission.
James Bond: Sir Godfrey, on a mission, I am expected to sacrifice myself.

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Question: When Bond gets trapped underwater, could it be possible for him to survive using the air in the tyres?

Darth Crucible

Chosen answer: The Mythbusters tested that very thing on their show. The result was that it was impossible to breathe in air from a leaking tire while underwater.

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