A View to a Kill

Trivia: The Rolls Royce that Patrick Macnee drives in this movie belonged to the producer, Albert R. Broccoli.

Trivia: When Bond is speaking to Chuck Lee near the boat, a horn can be heard that plays the first notes of the James Bond theme song.

Trivia: The stylish hat that Miss Moneypenny wears at the Royal Ascot meeting was later donated for a charity auction by actress Lois Maxwell at a 1993 James Bond Fan Club event at Pinewood Studios.

Trivia: This is Sir Roger Moore's least favourite Bond movie of the seven in which he appeared. He thought the movie was too violent and that he was too old to play the role. Moore also said that he felt there was no chemistry between him and Tanya Roberts, and had a genuine dislike for Grace Jones.

Continuity mistake: When Bond listens to the cassette of the conversation between Zorin and Bob Conley at the dock warehouse, it is a completely different conversation to the one heard at the warehouse. (01:00:00)

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Question: This is a two part question. When Zorin is flying over the mine in his zeppelin, he sees Mayday coming out of the mine with the bomb, and looks really shocked when it blows up, killing her in the process. But a few scenes before, he was quite happy to just leave her to drown in the flooding mine, so did he really love her and was just shocked that she had killed herself or was it shock because she removed the bomb from the mine and ruined his plan? I'm asking since Mayday tells Bond that Zorin told her he loved her (when they're both trying to escape from drowning in the flooding mine), so was Zorin lying to her or did he actually love her?

Heather Benton Premium member

Chosen answer: Zorin is a psychopath. He may have meant it when he told May Day he loved her, or he may have just been telling her what she wanted to hear. Either way, when he thinks she'll drown in the mine as well, he doesn't consider it worth scrapping the plan just to save her. Once she escapes and has the bomb, he looks shocked partially because she wasn't killed but mostly because she's chosen to sacrifice herself to thwart his plans, something that a self-interested psychotic personality can't comprehend.

Captain Defenestrator

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