Thor: Love and Thunder

Continuity mistake: After Thor asks for Zeus' thunderbolt, Zeus denies this and attaches the thunderbolt to the frame behind him. The next time we see Zeus in front of this frame the thunderbolt is gone, but in the shot afterwards when Zeus wants to kill Thor with the thunderbolt it's back on its place at the frame.

Continuity mistake: When Zeus "flick - flicks" the clothes back on Thor, the Zeusettes are watching in the background; the one to the far left is expressionless and with her hands down on the railing like the other three. In their close-up though, she is smiling wide and her hands are raised, only to make a pouty face and deflate a moment later.


Continuity mistake: The Viking tour ship they take to the shadow realm is called Aegir and it's written on the front side of the ship on the right-hand side where they get on board. However, when they get off the ship, they exit from the other side, and the name is either written backward or the shot is mirrored.

Jeanne Rhodes-Moen

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Trivia: When Jane is explaining the Einstein-Rosen Bridge to the other chemotherapy patient, she mentions the films Event Horizon and Interstellar. Sam Neill and Matt Damon, who have cameo appearances as Asgardian stage actors in this film as well as Thor: Ragnarok, were in Event Horizon and Interstellar, respectively.


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Question: I tried to read up on what kind of accent Russell Crowe was doing, I assumed it was a Greek accent. But I don't know the accent well enough to know if it come across authentic or sounding like a stereotype. How realistic is his accent? Does it sound natural to someone who is Greek? At times, it sounded like someone does a bad Italian accent by pretending to be Mario.


Answer: I can't say how authentic Crowe's accent was, but to me it sounded like an Aussie Greek accent. There were some popular Greek comedy characters on Aussie TV in the 80s when Crowe started acting. Some were caricatures, and some exaggerating their own ethnic backgrounds, and they were generally good-natured portrayals. Crowe being a New Zealander who worked in Australia, may have been influenced by them.

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