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Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

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Other mistake: In this movie Korg has two biological fathers (he calls them that way); his race appears to be formed by males that reproduce by holding hands in lava pits. However, the first time Thor met Korg in Thor: Ragnarok, his backstory was that he started a revolution that failed because just his "mum and her boyfriend" showed up.

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Suggested correction: It is possible among the Kronans, that one of the males is still called mum and use female pronouns. It's also possible that despite the fact 2 males can breed, it does not exclude females from existing.

Suggested correction: I see no reason why Korg couldn't have had a mother figure in his life, and not necessarily being of the same race. Technically speaking, he never specifically stated that his mom is who conceived or gave birth to him. I have no doubt that the writers didn't plan this, but it also doesn't create a contradiction.

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Suggested correction: The label reads: "Name: J. Foster / Test: N.4.AC / Date: 4.30." These items are handwritten, presumably by Jane herself. The "2020" to which you are referring is part of the glazing preparation date, machine-printed by the manufacturer. The full date is "20180227 [through] 2020-02."


Continuity mistake: The Viking tour ship they take to the shadow realm is called Aegir and it's written on the front side of the ship on the right-hand side where they get on board. However, when they get off the ship, they exit from the other side, and the name is either written backward or the shot is mirrored.

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Suggested correction: Your entry doesn't have a time signature. However, if you are talking about 1:14:50, you are wrong. The text reads correctly.


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Thor: Technically, you have to actually die in the battle itself, to get to Valhalla.
Sif: Oh, shit!
Thor: Don't worry, your arm is probably in Valhalla.

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Trivia: Gorr's daughter Love is played by Chris Hemsworth's daughter India, and the child version of Thor shown running during Korg's story about him is played by one of Hemsworth's twin sons.

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Question: I tried to read up on what kind of accent Russell Crowe was doing, I assumed it was a Greek accent. But I don't know the accent well enough to know if it come across authentic or sounding like a stereotype. How realistic is his accent? Does it sound natural to someone who is Greek? At times, it sounded like someone does a bad Italian accent by pretending to be Mario.


Answer: I can't say how authentic Crowe's accent was, but to me it sounded like an Aussie Greek accent. There were some popular Greek comedy characters on Aussie TV in the 80s when Crowe started acting. Some were caricatures, and some exaggerating their own ethnic backgrounds, and they were generally good-natured portrayals. Crowe being a New Zealander who worked in Australia, may have been influenced by them.

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