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The Little Things (2021)

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Revealing mistake: Deacon uses "hidden" food to get the dog to come up to him. The "treat" is largely concealed - but the dog's slobber gives it away. The camera shifts after Deacon's hand goes next to the dog's mouth, giving the impression that Deacon is just petting the dog under his neck. (00:06:35)


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Suggested correction: He was feeding him. You can see him eating out of his hand. The food isn't "hidden" You can hear the dog sounding as if he were eating something and his face is in his hand. Those were added sound effects in post. At first glance I got the impression he was giving the dog a treat as they were pals.

Part 1: Based on the circumstances plus Deacon's actions immediately before, during, and after his encounter with the dog, I believe it was a lousy attempt at luring the dog but trying to give the impression there was no lure (food). Deacon did not have food when he came out of his house and wasn't expecting the dog to be there. Deacon even pointed his right fingers toward the dog when he said, " You [are] the one [who has] been gone for the last two weeks." Deacon stoops down and [continued].


Part 2:...makes an effort to point his right hand fingers downward, again giving the impression he wasn't holding anything (food). If feeding a hungry, cautious dog, I think he would have displayed the food in the palm of his hand (what is there to hide if actually feeding the dog?). When "sneaking" the food into the dog's mouth, a small piece can be seen falling to the ground. Deacon holds the dog under his neck, probably to keep the dog from reaching the food that has fallen.


Part 3: (The dog later picks up the piece that fell.) Taking all these odd movements into consideration, I'm sticking with my assertion - Deacon "surreptiously" lured the dog, but his actions were noticeable, thereby revealing what was actually happening. Also, if the dog was missing for two weeks, Deacon would not have been likely to bring food out for the dog that morning. Anyone wanting to view the scene and serve as a tie-breaker, start at 00:06:26, watch Deacon's right fingers @ 0:06:32+.


Factual error: There is a "Covered California" sign in a window. The referenced health insurance exchange did not exist during the 1990 time setting of the movie. (00:20:58)

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