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Corrected entry: Brenda weighs about 120 pounds. How is she able so often through the film to overpower men almost twice her size, hang them from trees (Damon's death) and then drag the bodies up to the top floor of an abandoned building? All without any help. Surely someone would notice a waif-like girl trying to drag a 200 pound body through the campus. When you are crazy then you suddenly have superhuman strength?

Correction: Actually, yes. People on an adrenaline high can accomplish physical tasks that would otherwise be impossible. However, there's also the fact that Brenda has spent years planning this revenge - presumably she built up her muscles over that time. Just because she's not bulging doesn't mean she isn't strong.


Continuity mistake: When Sasha is pushed over the banister by the killer, she grabs the corner of the stairs; as she hangs on, her hands change position. In one shot she has one hand either side of the corner. Then she has both hands on the right side, then back again. (01:07:55)

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Parker: Please, Damon is the biggest practical joker I know. He once convinced a sophomore that he was the middle Hanson brother just so he could get laid.

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Trivia: In the scene where Natalie and Damon drive off to the woods, when the car starts the song that plays for a second before Damon turns it off is the theme song from Dawson's Creek, which Joshua Jackson, who plays Damon, stars in.

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Question: In the party scene there is a guy talking about a scream in a song which is actually a woman being murdered. Does anyone know the full story or any more details about this urban legend?

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Chosen answer: The song is 'Love Rollercoaster' by the Ohio Players. All the details on this story can be found at Snopes website http://www.snopes.com/music/hidden/roller.htm.


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