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Under Siege (1992)

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Continuity mistake: During the fight between Ryback and Strannix, Strannix cuts Ryback above his left eyebrow with his knife. The cut disappears shortly afterwards, but reappears in a later shot.

Other mistake: When Seal Team 5 was sent to the Missouri, according to the admiral, they were aboard a CH53E. The helicopter they were shot down in was a CH46.


Deliberate mistake: When the terrorists attack the ship the shot then goes to an external view of a soldier getting shot. The soldier falls but you can actually see him jump. (01:23:55)

Other mistake: When Commander Krill gains access to the captain's safe to retrieve the disc, the safe has no locks. (00:24:20)

Revealing mistake: When Ryback busts out his fellow mates and hands out weapons to them, the Uzi given to one of his mates does not have a magazine in it. (01:02:20)

Continuity mistake: Krill enters the Captain's room to get him to the party. Krill has a cigar in his mouth and when the camera pans to the captain instantly, Krill's voice says "I'm your date tonight captain" within a split second, with not enough time to take the cigar out of his mouth first.

Factual error: In the scene where Ryback is swimming next to the submarine, it is clear that the water is brown and murky. If the ship is in the middle of the Pacific, the water would be crystal clear.

Jacob La Cour

Continuity mistake: In the captain's cabin just before Commander Krill shoots the captain, the cigar is in his left hand as he pulls the wag off the pistol, but when the shot changes to a closeup of Krill shooting, the cigar is in his mouth with no time to get there. (00:21:25)


Audio problem: The two mercenaries Ryback kills in the kitchen have suppressors on their weapons yet you hear every shot as if the suppressors aren't attached.

Continuity mistake: Early in the film, a missile is fired from the ship, and it hits the satellite installation right outside the Navy headquarters (the people in the control room hear the explosion). It gets there very fast. Later in the film, a nuclear missile is sent towards Honolulu. That is supposed to take 24 minutes. Why so long, when the other missile got there much faster?

Jacob La Cour
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Suggested correction: The satellite facility wasn't at Pearl Harbor, it was somewhere else. Based on the map it was located on a small island and the ship was very close to it at the time the missile was fired so took very little time to get there. The people in the command center, not control room, hear the feed go out, not the explosion. Many hours later, and after a lot of sailing, when the missiles are fired at Honolulu, the ship could have been a couple hundred miles away from Oahu so the flight time at about 550 mph would be 24 minutes.


William Strannix: You're a maniac. Drown your own crew.
Commander Krill: They never liked me anyway.
Doumer: I bet they fuckin' love ya now, huh?

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Trivia: Early on in the film an officer shows a copy of Playboy magazine to a crewman. Erika Eleniak was the centerfold in that issue of Playboy.

John Elwen
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Question: Does anyone how many times they had to retake the scene where Gary Busey asks Tommy Lee Jones if he looks like he needed a psychiatrist? Tommy Lee looks so serious when he says "not at all." I just can't see him doing that part and still keeping a straight face. Are there any outtakes or bloopers from the film?

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