Under Siege

Continuity mistake: When Erika Eleniak and Steven Segal walk through the battleship and talk about her rule, ie. not killing people and not dating musicians, Steven has different types of the SMG MP5 in his hands. He changes from MP5 to MP5K and back in the blink of an eye.

Continuity mistake: In one sequence (in which Ryback tries to save the drowning sailors), Ryback is running with two machine guns and kills a bunch of bad guys, including one guy with a moustache and cap who falls down a flight of stairs. After the machine guns are empty, he pulls out a pistol, slowly goes into another room and, surprise! the same guy appears, gets shot and falls down the stairs! Its obvious they ran out of guys to kill in the film, so they just ran the same film twice to look more violent.

Continuity mistake: The big black terrorist who always accompanies Stranix loses his grey waiter jacket when he and the other terrorists are herding the Missouri crew into the makeshift prison. You can see this clearly when he shoots a marine prisoner who tries to overpower him. Later, when he follows Stranix into the captain's office, he is wearing his waiter jacket again.

Continuity mistake: When the man tries to attack the terrorist while being moved to their "prison", Strannix shoots the man next to the one who attacks, saying something like "If you try anything we will shoot you and the man beside you". In this scene he is wearing a black sweater. In the scene before and after he is wearing the pink T-shirt and leather jacket.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie, when Stranix launches the two tomahawk missiles toward Hawaii, look closely at where the missiles are launching. they're firing out of the space between the two ABLs (Armored Box Launchers) instead of from inside the launchers.

Continuity mistake: When Seal team 5 is sent in to retake the Missouri, Stranex's man sees them trying to sneak in under the ship's radar. As the team readies to drop in on the ship's bow, look through the windshield of the helicopter. No wonder the Missouri picked the helicopter up on radar. They are way up in the air and well within radar range.

Continuity mistake: Steven Segal argues with his superior and gets jailed in a meat freezer. When bad guys come to open it and kill him, they throw the door's lock pin at least 7 feet away (you can hear it slide). But Segal overcomes them, shuts them in, and he retrieves the lock pin which is now suddenly directly below the door.

Continuity mistake: During the final fight scene where Lee dies, Segal pushes his thumb into Lee's eye. If you pause the tape, you can clearly see Segal's thumb is bent inward.

Continuity mistake: When Steven Seagal is swimming alongside the submarine to place the explosive, the bad guys attempt to hook him. In one shot you see that they were successful with the piece of his wet suit caught in the hook and in a different shot you see his wet suit has been ripped above his right shoulder. As Seagal is climbing up to get out of the water, there is no damage to his wet suit.

Continuity mistake: When Tommy Lee Jones is launching the two missiles, he pushes the switches up one by one with his forefinger, singing "Five little Piggies". When he gets to the third switch, he places his forefinger on the switch, but in the next shot he pushes it up with his thumb.

Continuity mistake: During the fight between Ryback and Strannix, Strannix cuts Ryback above his left eyebrow with his knife. The cut disappears shortly afterwards, but reappears in a later shot.

Continuity mistake: Early in the movie, Ryback throws a knife into a bullseye, and it sticks in the lower center of the circle. Later, he pulls it out from the right side of the circle.

Movie Nut

Continuity mistake: Krill enters the Captain's room to get him to the party. Krill has a cigar in his mouth and when the camera pans to the captain instantly, Krill's voice says "I'm your date tonight captain" within a split second, with not enough time to take the cigar out of his mouth first.

Continuity mistake: In the captain's cabin just before Commander Krill shoots the captain, the cigar is in his left hand as he pulls the wag off the pistol, but when the shot changes to a closeup of Krill shooting, the cigar is in his mouth with no time to get there. (00:21:25)


Continuity mistake: Early in the film, a missile is fired from the ship, and it hits the satellite installation right outside the Navy headquarters (the people in the control room hear the explosion). It gets there very fast. Later in the film, a nuclear missile is sent towards Honolulu. That is supposed to take 24 minutes. Why so long, when the other missile got there much faster?

Jacob La Cour

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