Two Days in the Valley

Corrected entry: Near the films end, it shows Teri Hatcher's character training on her running for the next Olympics. As the camera pans away from her and towards the bumber sticker on her car which says something to the effect of "I am training for Nagano '98" Nagano was a Winter Games event, although her charcter only competed in Summer Games events.

Correction: Teri Hatcher's character was a world class skier, which would be something you would do a winter games event like for example, Nagano '98.

Continuity mistake: When Danny Aiello's character is found at the pool holding the dog at bay with the gun, depending on the angle you can see that he already has the car keys in his left hand and that he is holding the gun with one then two hands then back to one.

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Detective Creighton: I know we're Valley detectives so we're not all that bright, but how stupid does he think we are?

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