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Corrected entry: Danny Devito was going after the $5 million for the stolen fuel injection system. At the end, when he and Arnold are reminiscing, he talks about it as $4 million dollars.

Correction: He only turned in 4 million, keeping 1 million for himself.

Corrected entry: When Julius is first driving the Red mustang on two wheels, when it lands back onto all four wheels on the long shot you see the airbag deploy. It's no longer deployed the next scene of Julius smiling in the car. (00:30:50)

Correction: It's a 1988 Mustang 5.0, they didn't get airbags until 1990. What you are seeing can't be an airbag. Even if the car did have airbags it is unfathomable that a major film production would not disable them during a stunt.


Correction: The driver's airbag does not deploy in the long shot, we can see the seat and driver behind the steering wheel. Just as the car lands on all 4 of its tires, a translucent white glaring reflection begins to appear on the right side of the windshield, and as the car fully lands the translucent reflection extends across three quarters of the windshield (could be the reflection of a lighting panel or location lighting).

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Corrected entry: The two men (who left the car for Webster) told Webster the "parking attendant" liked the car. However, there are many different parking attendants with different shifts and exits in a big place like LAX. How did Webster instantly pinpoint the right one?

Correction: Webster knows when and where the car was dropped off. It's a good bet that attendant works that lot regularly. Even if he doesn't it wouldn't be hard at all to ask another attendant to tell you who was working that lot on a particular day. The fact that Webster eventually finds the right person doesn't mean that he "instantly" found the right person. We just aren't shown every step he takes because that wouldn't be interesting.


Corrected entry: Vincent named his calico cat Julius, which is a masculine name. Barring a rare genetic abnormality (approximately 1 in 3,000), calico cats are always female.


Correction: According to the submitter's own words, male calico cats do exist, though rare. So there is no mistake.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Arnold runs into the house for a shower and Danny DeVito jumps into the car, Marne goes into the house with some cookies, and Arnold has already showered and almost dried off, quite a quick rinse really..

Correction: A quick shower is not a mistake. Julius (Schwarzenegger) would be used to bathing quickly, considering he grew up on a desert island where there was little time or need for taking long showers or baths.


Other mistake: When Devito sends Arnold into the house to get his stuff and go with him to New Mexico and Houston, Devito quickly jumps into the car to drive off. (You can see on the long street behind him that there are no cars coming). Yet, not one second has gone by and you are looking at him from the front of the car and Linda and her sister pull up behind him blocking him in the driveway. They turned in from the left which was the same stretch of street you were looking at with no cars on it just one moment earlier. (00:48:40)

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Vincent: Now I know you're probably used to growing your own vegetables and spearing fish on the lagoon. But here on the mainland, we just nuke it.

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Question: How could Mary-Ann not know she was giving birth to Vincent shortly after Julius was born? Wouldn't she have felt another intense pain to indicate she was going into labor a second time? Plus, how would they be able to keep the birth of Vincent a secret from her in the first place?

Answer: She could have been unconscious by that point.

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