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9.3/10.A fun Schwarzenegger movie and the only time I could tolerate Devito. The whole idea was so silly in that's what made it work.A man created to be perfect sounds part mad scientist part Nazi thinking.Here though it come off harmless and funny especially when a second child's born.If there was a message it's man shouldn't try to create a perfect person because he can't.The best one can do is raise a child with love and understanding not like an experiment.The love interests here of Chloe Webb for Devito and Kelly Preston for Schwarzenegger were great.I found Ms Preston to be one of the best leading ladies in any of Schwarzenegger's movies.She will be missed.


Other mistake: When Devito sends Arnold into the house to get his stuff and go with him to New Mexico and Houston, Devito quickly jumps into the car to drive off. (You can see on the long street behind him that there are no cars coming). Yet, not one second has gone by and you are looking at him from the front of the car and Linda and her sister pull up behind him blocking him in the driveway. They turned in from the left which was the same stretch of street you were looking at with no cars on it just one moment earlier. (00:48:40)

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Question: How could Mary-Ann not know she was giving birth to Vincent shortly after Julius was born? Wouldn't she have felt another intense pain to indicate she was going into labor a second time? Plus, how would they be able to keep the birth of Vincent a secret from her in the first place?

Answer: She could have been unconscious by that point.

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